HMRC pilots PAYE real-time information

HM Revenue & Customs launches its pilot real-time information scheme, which could simplify PAYE payments

11 Apr 2012 Accountancy Age

By Calum Fuller


A PILOT for real-time PAYE information (RTI) has begun, with the first ten volunteer employers - including HMRC - submitting their RTI return.

It is hoped RTI will make it easier for employers, pension providers and HMRC to administer PAYE. real time tax information will allow employers and pension providers to inform HMRC of PAYE payments as they are made, instead of at the end of every year.

If successful, most employers will join the regime in April 2013 and all employers will be using it by October 2013.

David Gauke, exchequer secretary, said: "RTI will ensure that the PAYE system meets the needs of the 21st century. It will improve the service to taxpayers by making it easier to ensure that people pay the right tax after a change of job.

"HMRC is committed to a smooth and on-time transition. The start of the pilot today demonstrates that RTI is on track.

"RTI will remove administrative burdens of £300m a year from employers, mainly from the abolition of the end-of-year PAYE returns process - the biggest single contribution that any tax change could make."

Visitor comments


I am very nervous about this. I do hope i am wrong, but I expect it to be an extra burden for small employers.

Are there any small employers in the pilot?

Posted by Chris, 12 Apr 2012


Yet another administrative burden put onto Employers to add to the monthly cycle of CIS, Intrastat, EEC Sales list etc. etc. Let's all be real about this - it's not about the saving to the Employer, it's more about how much HMRC can save in their own costs and make their own lives easier. I am waiting for the next logical step for HMRC to take and that is to impose penalties on those companies who do not make these returns on time or am I being totally cynical?

Posted by Alek , 11 May 2012




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