Acquisitions the way to challenge Big Four, say readers

Accountancy Age readers overwhelmingly feel acquisitions are the best way to challenge the Big Four after this week's poll

14 Nov 2012 Accountancy Age

By Calum Fuller

Big Four

ACQUISITIONS are the best way for firms to challenge the Big Four, Accountancy Age readers have said in the wake of BDO's merger agreement with PKF.

Of the 83 readers polled, 81% said they saw no other way for firms to touch the top four firms than merging with or acquiring other firms, while the remaining 19% said there are other methods to challenge them.

Sixth-largest firm BDO has agreed to join forces with PKF, which stands at 12th in Accountancy Age's Top 50+50 table.

The merger of the two firms would create an entity with more than £400m in revenues, with 3,500 staff.

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Visitor comments

Missing the point

Merging mid tier firms will do nothing to influence the domination of the Big 4. Mergers will not add to skillset and specialist offering - they will just create less choice for mid tier clients.

Posted by Russell Mitchell, 15 Nov 2012

Would this help?

Based on revenues, if you combine all the non-Big 4 firms, you would get 2-3 firms that would be comparable to the current Big 4 firms. Is 7 that much better than 4 if we lose all the boutique firms in the process?

Posted by Daniel, 15 Nov 2012




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