Dennis Turner, Chief Economist, HSBC

Dennis is chief economist for HSBC and Financial Director’s economics columnist.

One of the UK’s most fascinating and lucid commentators on economic movements and theories, Dennis regularly speaks at events for the finance community. He started his career in Whitehall and remains an influential advisor within UK government.

Dennis’s love of music has seen him publish critiques of Van Morrison, Joe Cocker and Ray Charles. And as a man-and-boy fan of Fulham FC, he is also the author of several books about the club.

Articles by Dennis Turner

Houses for sale

House inflation fears overdone

The chancellor’s scheme to help house buyers has created nervousness about housing market overheating | 11 Oct 2013

FD Carney by Bill McConkey

Carney's forward guidance takes a backward step

Critics are already picking holes in Mark Carney’s forward guidance policy | 13 Sep 2013


GDP figures herald a change in the economic weather

Although not mirroring the blistering sunshine of recent weeks, the UK economy has moved from cold to warm | 16 Aug 2013

Juice left in economic policy despite triple-A downgrade

The UK’s rating downgrade is a long way from being Osborne’s 1992 Norman Lamont and the ERM moment | 21 Mar 2013

Economic sentiment is a matter of perspective

Talking the economy up has become more fashionable, but pessimism comes easier than optimism | 30 Jan 2013

Beware the fiscal crash

Weak growth trends threaten to undermine the objective of putting the public sector back on a sustainable footing | 06 Jan 2012

Euro contagion

Even the most hardcore sceptics must be keeping their fingers tightly crossed for a change in the euro’s fortunes, writes Dennis Turner | 15 Nov 2011

Tighten those fiscal rules

The price of fiscal union is a loss of sovereignty, a price which may have been too high for electorates | 27 Oct 2011

Service in a state

Continuing economic malaise reflects the depth of the recession and, while uncertain, a recovery is underway | 27 Sep 2011

Lean times ahead

Economic union may now be necessary to save the single currency.Staying out looks to have been a smart move for the UK, but we can’t afford to indulge in Schadenfreude | 23 Aug 2011

Manufacturing must lead the recovery

UK manufacturing was packed up and shipped to China in the 1980s, yet it remains the basis for economic recovery | 06 Jun 2011

Interest rates on hold despite inflationary fears

Supporters of interest rates rise lose out to common sense | 20 May 2011

Osborne's Budget is a case of dreams versus reality

The 2011 Budget was a statement of intent that still glosses over the structural facts of a post-recession economy | 15 Apr 2011

UK must compete with the BRICs on exports

Exports must drive recovery, but the UK has been too weak in breaking and competing with the BRICs | 24 Mar 2011

Why one bad quarter doesn't mean disaster

The coneheads may have got their backward-looking forecasting wrong on the Q4 2010 growth number | 31 Jan 2011

George Osborne needs to have nerve

The rookie chancellor also requires good fortune in order to enjoy policy success in 2011 | 24 Jan 2011

Helping the eurozone is good for the UK

Assisting failing members of the currency union is a sound self-preservation strategy | 20 Dec 2010

Comprehensive Spending Review answers few questions

It will be politics, not economics, that will determine if cuts made now instead of later were the right move | 22 Nov 2010

Coalition performs a rebalancing act

The government is walking a tightrope as it tries to get public finances back in shape | 25 Oct 2010

What is the point of Monetary Policy Committee inflation meetings?

The MPC is missing inflation targets with impunity. Does the target itself matter anymore? | 27 Sep 2010

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