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Robert Jaques is Financial Director's information technology columnist. A former editor of (since rebranded as, Robert is our resident tech geek and regularly writes on the relationship between CFOs and CIOs, and how technlology can make business life easier - or harder.

Articles by Robert Jaques

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Google offers FDs mobile alternative to PCs

The arrival of Google's Chromebook has been widely touted as Google's attempt to hammer the final nail in the coffin of the PC. But rumours of its demise may be greatly exaggerated, writes Robert Jaques | 01 Jun 2011

A hacker committing cyber crime on a laptop

Data breaches more likely to come from within

Data losses suffered by some online traders have put hackers front of mind but disgruntled insiders remain the bigger threat | 20 May 2011

Robert Jaques is a leading commentator on technology issues

Truth 1.0

If you do not have a standard approach to data, whether as shiny systems or a single spreadsheet, you need one now | 15 Apr 2011

Team up again to fight Conficker's chums

Alliances must be forged to fight cyber security threats with the same speed and agility shown by attackers | 24 Mar 2011

Green datacentres are good, but big capex projects are not

Overhauling datacentres benefits the bottom line - but it comes at a cost | 18 Feb 2011

Security fears are holding cloud computing back

FDs put security concerns around cloud computing over the cost of engaging with the super-hyped technology | 24 Jan 2011

Time for cloud computing to deliver

We have heard enough about cloud computing. In 2011 we will expect to see how it benefits business | 20 Dec 2010

Government departments should evaluate strategic value of IT

Cutting costs and spend could mean raising value from the government’s IT budget, which has had £95m cut from it | 22 Nov 2010

UK must lead Europe with fast broadband

The UK must take a leadership role in rolling out fast broadband which tops other European networks | 25 Oct 2010

Flexible working technology is a priority

The technology underpinning flexible working should be high on purchasing agendas | 27 Sep 2010

Collaboration between finance and IT

As the age of austerity dawns, the struggle for power between FD and CIO could ebb away | 27 Aug 2010

IT Strategy: Business reporting language iXBRL must not be ignored

Accounting bodies say their members are unprepared for the advent of business reporting language iXBRL | 05 Jul 2010

IT Strategy: Government departments face heavy fines for serious data breaches

New powers to fine the public sector for data security breaches should make businesses review their protection | 24 May 2010

IT Strategy: Internet revolution fodder for new cyber threats

Few businesses can do without the internet, but ecommerce is widening the scope for reputational risk | 26 Apr 2010

IT Strategy: It's time the IT professionals got qualified

A surprising number of IT directors have no professional qualification of relevance. It is about time this changed | 22 Mar 2010

IT Strategy: When consumer IT enters business, so does the risk of cyberattack

An array of portable communication nick-nacks and social media sources leave companies open to attack | 22 Feb 2010

IT Strategy: A well-planned virtual server strategy can help cut costs

Virtual servers can save money, space and effort – if you take care to plan and assess your needs properly | 25 Jan 2010

IT Strategy: Relevant technology will be crucial in 2010

There are high hopes the IT industry will soar in 2010 if corporates use technology to find efficiencies | 19 Dec 2009

IT strategy: Serious data breaches are set to rise

Despite warnings, companies are still failing to give due attention to data encryption or the threat of a pandemic | 23 Nov 2009

IT strategy: Spy games – tackling malware

Businesses must take action to tackle ‘spear phishing’ and other malware-spreading viruses. | 19 Oct 2009

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