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Corporate Escape

Book Extract: Corporate Escape - The Rise of the New Entrepreneur

Corporate Escape is written by Maite Barón, CEO of The Corporate Escape, a consultancy that provides support to those looking to achieve success and happiness outside the world of big business | 07 Apr 2014

FD wave by Bill McConkey

IRIS Software's CFO on how it stayed afloat during the floods

Mark Lewis explains the lessons learned in coping with the floods at a key time of year for customers | 24 Mar 2014

Outline of euro sign with blood stains representing a wounded stock market

Eurozone deflation? ‘NO!’ – well at least not for now

UK importers will be unhappy with having to deal with GBP/EUR exchange below 1.20, unless of course they took advantage of the levels prior to the recent euro move | 07 Mar 2014

Aim Higher: Innovation...oil and water

Innovation stops stagnation...but is disruptive. Are you brave enough to create an environment for free thinking? Stuart Pickles explains the whys and hows | 05 Mar 2014

A Postcard From...the US: Talking turkey

The latest in our blog series from BDO staff about their views on the business and economic situations from around the globe | 28 Feb 2014

Off Balance: Retire at leisure

Grow old by working, say the stats... | 25 Feb 2014

Off Balance: 'Appy to do business with you

It had to happen: a corporate finance-based game in Apple's App Store | 19 Feb 2014

Audit committee reporting less about the what than the how

Audit committee reporting still has a long way to go on the road to fuller disclosure | 10 Feb 2014

The price of blowing the whistle

Should whistleblowers be paid for coming forward? | 06 Feb 2014

Off Balance: Good Month/Bad Month - January 2014

Off Balance looks at the financial winners and losers in the last month | 06 Feb 2014

Predictive selling to become part and parcel of commerce

Amazon is pioneering predictive selling, but will it work? | 04 Feb 2014

Carney will keep markets guessing about BoE course of action

The sharp increase in yearly growth will prompt speculation about when the Bank of England could raise its benchmark interest rate | 29 Jan 2014

Off Balance: Companies mustn't tweet sweet nothings

Social media to reinvigorate financial reporting...maybe even the finance function, muse two senior biz commentators. Off Balance isn't so sure though... | 24 Jan 2014

Off Balance: Financial Director's funnies

It's not all about balancing the books. And the latest Financial Director 'back page' stories seem to prove that | 22 Jan 2014

Decision making has become difficult - everyone has an opinion

Tech savviness may be useful but it’s adding complexity to a CFO’s role, with too many opinions in the mix | 16 Jan 2014

FRC clamps down on asset-backed contributions

FRC launches crackdown on companies that reclassify pension obligations as equity instruments | 15 Jan 2014

RSA CFO takes advice on action against auditor Deloitte

Group CFO could consider action against its ex-auditor following revelations of misleading and inaccurate information in accounts | 09 Jan 2014

Comply or Explain - is it sustainable?

'Comply or explain' in governance requires trust between the corporate and stakeholders, while concerns over the regime should also be looked at head-on, says Jo Iwasaki | 06 Jan 2014

UK corporates sitting on £69bn cash pile

Value of unused capital held by UK companies hits £69bn, Deloitte report shows | 18 Dec 2013

Analysis: Asda's new CFO to spearhead expansion strategies

Alex Russo's background in retail growth will be leveraged at Asda, which is looking to expand on several fronts | 17 Dec 2013

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