Anthony Harrington

Anthony is a seasoned writer on a range of business and energy issues, contributing regularly to The Scotsman, Pensions Insight and CA Magazine, among others. Shortlisted in the State Street Insitutional Press Awards in 2007 and 2008, he was the Institute of Financial Accountants’s business finance journalist of the year and State Street’s journalist of the year in 2006.

Anthony has written on pensions and investments for Financial Director over a number of years and more recently has written about FDs in different sectors for us.

Articles by Anthony Harrington

Stylized conceptual business chart of loss incurred

The incredible shrinking share

Anthony Harrington looks at share option schemes in a flat and failing economy | 27 Oct 2011

Federal Reserve's Ben Bernanke

Getting in a twist

The US Federal Reserve’s Operation Twist is putting pension funds in a knot, writes Anthony Harrington | 27 Oct 2011

Pension crisis montage image

A case of the jitters

Market fears are challenging companies’ pension fund strategies. Anthony Harrington examines the causes | 27 Oct 2011

Takeover Code puts FDs on standby

Changes to the Takeover Code put finance directors on a 28-day so called 'put up or shut up' timeline, writes Anthony Harrington | 01 Sep 2011

Brussels sprouts fairytale gender equality plan for final salary pensions

Latest ruling outlaws gender as a basis for determining annuities and life contracts | 02 Mar 2011

End of retirement age is an HR nightmare

Scrapping of the default retirement age raises a number of questions | 18 Feb 2011

Pension deficit reduction means less risk

De-risking is getting easier as scheme deficits begin to lessen in number | 18 Feb 2011

Get your house in order

Anthony Harrington offers a checklist for FDs to tidy up their pensions liabilities if they are looking to sell the business | 22 Nov 2010

Whisky in the jar

Securitising assets against your pension scheme is a prudent way to plug the gap if you do not have the cash to fund it | 22 Nov 2010

Retail finance directors have kept the tills ringing

It’s been a slog, but retail FDs have kept cash coming in through recession | 25 Oct 2010

Microsoft UK's Toby Willson: singing spreadsheets

Microsoft UK's finance director on how he obtains his financial metrics and communicates them through the business | 27 Sep 2010

Leveraging capital through invoice discounting

Raising future revenue by selling on your invoices is an ever more popular route to growth, but it also has its dangers, warns Anthony Harrington | 24 Aug 2010

Raising funding from within the business

Businesses need to improve working capital and leverage intellectual property to raise funding from within. Anthony Harrington reports | 24 Aug 2010

Why FDs should not resist the updated IAS 19

Updating IAS 19 will allow closer comparison and examination of actuarial movements, says Anthony Harrington | 05 Jul 2010

The resurgence of UK manufacturing

Despite a reputation for decline, UK manufacturing is growing faster than it has for 15 years. Anthony Harrington talks to the sector’s FDs about leading a new industrial revolution | 26 Apr 2010

Pensions Regulator causes alarm over its role in Reader's Digest demise

The demise of Reader’s Digest UK at the behest of the Pensions Regulator has people baffled at its role, powers and methodologies, says Anthony Harrington | 21 Mar 2010


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