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Mid-market vendors - The grass is greener.

When times are tough, businesses think about finding new markets. In a difficult economy, a host of software vendors are eyeing the mid-market with growing interest.

01 Sep 2003


ERP vendors - What's the Big Deal?

Thousands of miles away, decisions are being made that affect the future of British companies' IT strategies. But while Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards fight a three-corner battle, their current and potential clients can only look on impotently.

14 Jul 2003


Wireless Lans - Socket to me

Despite the speed limitations of wireless Lans, the ability to use a wire-free device anytime, anywhere seems quite appealing. So why has takeup been limited?

29 Apr 2003


Laying it on thin

Server-based computing has been slow to attract converts, but things have changed recently and companies are increasingly being drawn to thin-client environments.

29 Apr 2003


IT update - Up up and away

Technology may have temporarily lost its lustre, but analyst Gartner says the next wave of spending will arrive shortly - so long as finance directors don't get caught up in the emotion of the moment.

29 Apr 2003


Grid computing - Grid and bear it

Distributed computing is an idea born in the 1960s. But it has taken astronomers in the 21st century to show that connecting idle PCs together can create supercomputers.

29 Apr 2003


Data storage - Waste of space

Even though the storage capacity of some companies is half empty, they still find reasons to buy more. The hardware cost of this excess is low, but the total cost of ownership is not.

29 Apr 2003


Tablet PCs are easy to swallow

From notebooks to tablet computers, mobile technology is shaping business IT. Just remember to recharge your batteries.

29 Apr 2003


That'll 'e' the day.

With the recent high-profile billing disasters costing companies millions, most companies are in agreement that electronic billing systems are vital. But is their widespread implementation anywhere near?

26 Mar 2003


Small technology with big promise

With the nanocomputing market expected to reach $1 trillion by 2015, it's easy to see why companies are investing in tiny techhnology.

02 Dec 2002


IT Decisions - Security

Buying the kit to protect corporate IT from hackers, viruses and disenchanted employees isn't too difficult. But putting it together as part of a sound IT security strategy is - and that's where the finance director comes in.

04 Nov 2002


MS helps spread licence costs

Vendor offers resellers continual revenue source with three-year scheme

30 Sep 2002


IT Decisions - Voice recognition

Voice recognition systems can now understand and act on whole sentences. But it's not just listening banks that are finding this technology useful - it can also help mobile staff send and receive information from an ordinary cell phone.

23 Apr 2002


IT Decisions - a personal touch

Personal digital assistants are simpler, cheaper and easier to carry about than notebook PCs. It's hardly surprising then, that more and more corporates are rolling them out for mobile executives.

23 Apr 2002


Andersen threatened by email

Andersen staff implicated in the Enron fiasco are likely to regret that they ever conversed by email - or attempted to delete it.

27 Feb 2002


Playing the Generation Game

Smartphones are set to revolutionise the way mobile business is conducted.

01 Feb 2002


IT is compromising your security

WLANs are just the thin end of the wedge when it comes to the growing range of security threats caused by new IT products.

31 Jan 2002


IT Decisions - Microsoft puts pen to paper

If you're one of those one-finger typists who struggle with qwerty computer keyboards, Microsoft has the perfect prescription - the Tablet PC. But is this return-to-basics approach a serious business tool?

16 Oct 2001


Customer relationship management - Look closely, what do you see?

CRM could help you see eye-to-eye with your customers, no matter how they contact you. The only problem is, a glance at some CRM installations may put you right off the whole idea.

16 Sep 2001

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