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Does growth mean consulting rethink?

Growth, and downturns, give CFOs spending headaches - particularly on consulting. Alan Leaman, CEO of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), explains the new choices at hand for buyers

17 Mar 2014



Ewing leaves Standard Chartered board for health reasons

Margaret Ewing has resigned from the board of Standard Chartered for health reasons

02 Dec 2013


Finance profession awarded in New Year's Honours

Tax law professor Judith Freedman picks up CBE in New Year's Honours list

02 Jan 2013


Interview: PwC chairman and senior partner Ian Powell

PwC's senior partner talks audit reform, international growth and why the firm should strive for something that is 'unobtainable'

06 Dec 2012


Power games - playing life and death in the sandpit

You might want to keep control of 'life or death' business decisions, but letting go is vital for leaders

19 Oct 2012


FDs need to be Mr Motivator to their staff

In times of austerity, maintaining morale can become a secondary objective, but it ought to be a top priority

29 May 2012


Merry times ahead at Tenon

A chartered accountant and former Clifford Chance CFO, Chris Merry finds himself in the top job at the listed-business advisory firm

22 Feb 2012


The invisible man

The chief accountant may be devoid of personality and anally retentive in the extreme, but they are perfect for the job

22 Feb 2012


FDs of the future

Finance directors should become more open-minded to employing non-graduate trainee accountants

26 Jan 2012


Public sector finances must go global

The strength of government accounts is just one reason why investors love Britain, writes Alan Edwards. So shouldn't we push for a global public financial management profession?

29 Nov 2011


Rhodes to recovery

Phil Thornton speaks to veteran economist Bill Rhodes about the future of the eurozone

24 Nov 2011


Fit for success

Steve Clayton shares his insight on how the right finance team structure can really set your business apart from its competitors

09 Nov 2011


Antonio Lorenzo not “most obvious” candidate to replace Tookey at Lloyds

Board and shareholders want a CFO who is "independent of thought"

21 Sep 2011


The real apprentices

Female FDs at the top of their game should take an active role in mentoring women rising up in finance

20 May 2011


Brave new world part II: Feel the fear and do it anyway

Marc Hartog updates on the trials and tribulations of moving from the FD role to an operational one

18 Apr 2011


Richard Douglas made head of Government Finance Profession

Ex-NHS FD replaces Ministry of Defence FD Jon Thompson

15 Apr 2011


FDs lambast Lords’ SME IFRS about-turn

The Lords says no to IFRS for SMEs, but our LinkedIn group sees no wisdom in a U-turn

15 Apr 2011


From the blog: would a five-quarter year make the FD's life easier?

The FD Centre's Matthew Howes ponders why accounting life is dominated by the calendar

23 Feb 2011

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