Obama hanging off a fiscal cliff - by Bill McConkey


Next US president faces a fiscal cliffhanger

The ‘fiscal cliff’ dilemma faced by the next US president is not dissimilar to that facing George Osborne

25 Oct 2012

Obama Romney second debate


Fiscal risks will worsen after US November election

After the presidential election, policy makers will have to face unpalatable choices, and the markets must adapt to new risks

23 Oct 2012


Draghi brings out the big guns

ECB president Mario Draghi has done what the politicians should have done to shore up the eurozone

25 Sep 2012


Mario Draghi’s “big bazooka” remains to be tested

It is premature to assume that the ECB’s new weapon would prove to be the long-awaited “big bazooka” needed to save the euro

25 Sep 2012


Osborne should stick to his guns on austerity meausres

The government’s twin objectives of growth and deficit reduction look to be in tatters, but it should stay the course

30 Aug 2012


Deceptive calm masks depth of problems in eurozone

Hard-line countries are determined to avoid the moral hazard of extending blank cheques to those that are repeatedly over-spending and borrowing

30 Aug 2012


ONS revises GDP figures upwards

Revised data from the ONS reveal that GDP fell by 0.5% during the quarter, compared to the 0.7% it announced last month

24 Aug 2012


Future of the eurozone: what it means for business

Every business stands to feel the impact of a eurozone break-up, from small enterprises to large multi-nationals, writes Tony Virdi

12 Jul 2012


Immediate risk of break-up has passed, but remains a threat

In Greece, the narrow win of the pro-bailout parties will ease fears of an exit, but the new government will want concessions that others will oppose

04 Jul 2012


Austerity v Growth: Europe's dividing line

The election of a new French president has been seen as a watershed moment for the eurozone

04 Jul 2012


Cable hands investors binding vote on pay

Government gives shareholders binding votes on pay policy and forces companies to make executive remuneration policies more transparent

20 Jun 2012


Hague clashes with business

Hague says businesses need to work harder. What they need to do is spend their excess capital, writes Richard Crump

29 May 2012


US: Too big to fail

Economies are faced with a ruefully ironic predicament: it is extremely difficult to find a balance between contractionary and expansionary policy

25 May 2012


Regime change in France could spell trouble for the euro’s va va voom

Why is a Presidential election in France so pivotal to British business?

02 May 2012


Markets are too addicted to repeated doses of cheap cash

Large injections of liquidity by the major central banks have played a key role in underpinning recent bouts of optimism, but danger is still lurking in the shadows

26 Apr 2012


A political Budget

The Budget is no longer the pivotal instrument of economic management; it is more about politics

26 Apr 2012


Unashamedly business – but ashamedly not charity

Charity could be forgiven for fearing it is being disenfranchised and forgotten as a contributor to the UK's economy

11 Apr 2012


Every German's second property

If Merkel follows the German crowd then the European debt crisis is likely to rear its head again

03 Apr 2012


Strong share prices conceal unease about risk of setback

Ample liquidity can ease short-term eurozone tensions, but it cannot resolve fundamental problems of solvency and lack of competitiveness in the periphery

29 Mar 2012


Ignore the defeatists

The chancellor can’t be complacent, but there is a growing suspicion that earlier pessimism may have been over-done

29 Mar 2012

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