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Compeition Commission


Competition Commission waters down audit reforms

Competition watchdog retreats from contentious plans and imposes ten year audit tendering rules

15 Oct 2013



Female board quotas shunned by finance professionals

The latest Financial Director/Accountancy Age online Debate saw the audience vote in favour of Melanie Richards' opposition to Frances O'Grady's proposal for female board quotas

10 Oct 2013


The failure of “hierarchical” management structures

If companies want to adapt quickly, they need a “second operating system” in addition to their existing management structures, writes Gavin Hinks

27 Aug 2013


On the same page: Keeping boards informed and engaged

Increasing travel commitments, frequency of meetings and disparate sources of information contribute to distractions inside and outside the boardroom

01 Aug 2013


Unilever puts PwC audit up for tender

Consumer goods giant first FTSE 100 business to change auditors following Competition Commission measures

30 Jul 2013


Should your network be broad or deep?

To add value to the boards you sit on, or to the boards of your clients, Hilary Briggs advocates you need both breadth and depth in your network

17 Jun 2013


Local audits go back to the future

Will bringing the audit appointment process closer to local authorities cause independence problems? asks Peter Bateman

18 Apr 2013


EC pushes for more environmental and social disclosure

Companies with more than 500 employees will need to disclose more information about environmental and social impact in annual reports

17 Apr 2013


Audit: The time is right for change

Quality, independence, objectivity and a responsibility to shareholders are the key tenets of an audit and must remain at its heart, writes PWC's James Chalmers

17 Apr 2013


Consultation launches on integrated reporting framework

A consultation on draft framework to integrate non-financial data into financial statements is launched through 15 events worldwide

16 Apr 2013


Minority report: Does anyone read audit committee reports?

Audit committees are under pressure to provide more detailed reports. Actually reading these reports seems to be of interest to just a small minority of shareholders, finds Andrew Sawers

27 Mar 2013


Interview: IASB chairman Hans Hoogervorst

Hans Hoogervorst tells Financial Director why revising the IASB’s conceptual framework is critical for the future of financial reporting

27 Mar 2013


Please buy from me, Argentina

The burgeoning UK-Argentine business relationship has been thrown into jeopardy by a dramatic change in the attitude of Buenos Aires to imports, finds Gavin Hinks

21 Feb 2013


The year of the green report

Requirements for green reporting are set to become more strict, but it could be an opportunity for FDs

30 Jan 2013


Quotas are not the answer to boardroom diversity

Board appointments to fill quotas not based on merit could alienate established board members, warns Liz Murrall

08 Nov 2012


Interview: FRC head of codes and standards Melanie McLaren

The head of the FRC’s Codes and Standards Committee talks about the watchdog’s new structure and its strategic objectives

02 Nov 2012


Confident accounting

Despite its name, confidence accounting doesn’t mean FDs have to be bullish about the numbers

25 Oct 2012


Cable hands investors binding vote on executive pay

Government gives shareholders binding votes on pay and forces companies to make remuneration policies more transparent, writes Richard Crump

04 Jul 2012


Boardrooms' backlash over executive pay

The shareholders are revolting, but is there anything boards can do to satisfy their disgruntled investors? asks Richard Crump

29 May 2012


FRC sets path for audit scrutiny

Proposed changes to governance rules will restore faith in audit committees’ reporting processes, writes Richard Crump

29 May 2012

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