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Captain Obvious


Off Balance: Tax stats provoke Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious is strike fear into those producing bog standard, pointless press releases

31 Mar 2014

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A Postcard From...the US: Talking turkey

The latest in our blog series from BDO staff about their views on the business and economic situations from around the globe

28 Feb 2014


Psyched in the workplace - Fear is the key

Fear sadly remains a powerful motivator in the modern age

19 Sep 2013


Maths and commercial acumen: the perfect marriage

In reality I spend more time on strategy and business development and a smaller proportion of time on detailed finance

17 Jun 2013


Mavericks, they're everywhere

An oft-used and abused term. What does it mean, who are these people, and do you need them? asks Gavin Hinks

20 May 2013


Public sector branding: Ignore it at your peril

Effective public sector brands are about engaging with people, understanding their beliefs and behaviours and delivering a business model they can buy into

09 May 2013


AIM is at the crossroads

Even more money could start to flow into the small and mid-size quoted company space through the inclusion of AIM shares into ISAs

06 Feb 2013


The music's over at HMV

The failure of HMV and Blockbuster to adapt to changing buying habits offers a salutary lesson for finance directors

22 Jan 2013


City celebrates, but fiscal cliff deal far from conclusive

Markets start the year with an appetite for risk but there are still major obstacles ahead, writes Global Reach Partners’ Torrie Callander

16 Jan 2013


Public companies want to be public

Markets are not functioning well but public-company status brought distinct commercial advantages over staying private

15 Oct 2012


Can Team GB’s gold’s be transformed into economic success?

Focusing on the sectors that the UK specialises in, it is hard to see the Olympic spend attracting additional investment

29 Aug 2012


Long termism can leave companies blind to impending risks

Short-termism is bad, long-termism is good. Not necessarily. If everyone takes the long view then no one notices the iceberg about to sink the ship

09 Aug 2012


Keeping a bit aside for a rainy day

The strategic importance of reserves and their relevance to the charity's overall financial strategy and proper resource management can be overlooked

01 Aug 2012


Democracy or dictatorship? Empowerment is a two-way street

How do executives, without a 'mandate' from staff, get them onside? Stuart Pickles provides the answer

06 Jul 2012


Desperately seeking growth: What the business outlook means for the UK

Stagflation is a threat, and something that all FDs need to prepare for; particularly as the situation in Europe continues to worsen

03 Jul 2012


A government with its head in the sand

If government don't stop burying their head in the sand over pensions it will put thousands of organisations at risk

28 May 2012


US: Too big to fail

Economies are faced with a ruefully ironic predicament: it is extremely difficult to find a balance between contractionary and expansionary policy

25 May 2012


Every German's second property

If Merkel follows the German crowd then the European debt crisis is likely to rear its head again

03 Apr 2012


The financing divide

Business confidence is being neutered by adviser gloom, writes the QCA's Tim Ward in his latest blog

27 Mar 2012


Japan is not all that different from Europe

The Bank of Japan blames the euro sovereign debt crisis for causing the yen's appreciation, but there are decidedly more worrying reasons for the yen's persistent appreciation

26 Mar 2012

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