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Book Extract: Corporate Escape - The Rise of the New Entrepreneur

Corporate Escape is written by Maite Barón, CEO of The Corporate Escape, a consultancy that provides support to those looking to achieve success and happiness outside the world of big business

07 Apr 2014

Phil Scott


FD remuneration remains steady in 2014 across the UK

Finance directors salary remains steady with slight increase in the last year

25 Mar 2014


Women believe there is no work equality

With International Women's Day on 8 March, global PwC research shows that bias in the workplace towards men is still rife across the world

07 Mar 2014


Interview: Go-Ahead FD Keith Down

The group FD of bus and rail operator Go-Ahead discusses how to find a balanced approach when focusing on several business aspects – and how he’s helping build a super franchise

26 Feb 2014


Career ladder pitfalls

The career paths of new and aspiring FDs will bear little resemblance to those of their predecessors

16 Jan 2014


All the way to the top

The step up the career ladder to finance director can be tricky, writes Calum Fuller

16 Jan 2014


The 2014 FD Salary Survey

In Financial Director’s annual salary survey, we reveal the top earners and biggest bonuses among FTSE 350 finance directors

16 Jan 2014


Like its 1999: FD looks back at predictions it made 15 years ago

Was the FD’s world of 2014 easy to predict in 1999? Andrew Sawers looks back at when Financial Director looked forwards

16 Jan 2014


Interview: Xchanging CFO David Bauernfeind

Xchanging’s CFO, David Bauernfeind, is in the middle of a major organisational transformation while managing the demands and pressures of a listed company

16 Jan 2014


Editor's letter: Beans and peanuts

Our 2014 FD salary survey shows average total pay has crept down

16 Jan 2014


Meddings to step down from Standard Chartered FD role

Richard Meddings to leave Standard Chartered, as the bank begins undertaking for major reorganisation

09 Jan 2014


Tech CFOs paid less than in other sectors

CFOs of AIM technology firms received an average total package equating to £192,000 - substantially below the whole AIM market average of £469,000

02 Dec 2013


Interview: Hailo FD Nick Lally

Hailo FD Nick Lally explains how he has knocked the black cab app developer’s back-office systems into shape

25 Nov 2013


Dotcom FDs branch out

FDs who went through the dotcom boom and bust survived and, eventually, thrived. Andrew Sawers caught up with some of our dotcom interviewees

30 Oct 2013


Interview: National Grid FD Andrew Bonfield

National Grid FD Andrew Bonfield explains why every year the company takes on more debt to remain efficient

30 Oct 2013


Interview: Lonmin CFO Simon Scott

CFOs who aspire to be chief executives could do worse than to examine Simon Scott’s crisis-dominated stint as CEO of Lonmin

30 Oct 2013


Q&A: David Thomas, FD, Norbert Dentressangle Logistics UK

David Thomas, FD of Norbert Dentressangle Logistics UK, the dual-listed business, takes part in our regular Q&A

01 Oct 2013


Interview: Stagecoach finance director Ross Paterson

Stagecoach FD Ross Paterson talks about moving up through the ranks and managing the finance function at one of the UK’s most successful businesses – while holding on to the local feel

24 Sep 2013


Interview: Former BBC CFO Zarin Patel

Zarin Patel remembers a career as the BBC’s longest-serving CFO

24 Sep 2013


Why CFOs should avoid Real Madrid’s recruitment example

CFOs should resist the temptation to seek out the next Gareth Bale of finance. A Galácticos approach to recruitment rarely pays dividends

06 Sep 2013

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Crowd control the focus of new funding rules

New crowdfunding rules will improve access to finance through schemes like EIS, writes Matthew Phillips


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