Aim Higher: Make mine 'mindfulnesss'

With our lives in overdrive, Stuart Pickles says we must switch off from overwhelming information and choices to be more calm, restful, and make better decisions

27 Jan 2014



Training is essential for equipping first time directors

Directors now have to juggle operational responsibilities with ensuring proper corporate governance across their organisations

24 Jan 2014


Hostage to fortune: FD predictions for 2014

Financial Director asks five UK FDs what lessons they have learnt in the past year – and what they expect from the next 12 months

25 Nov 2013


Why CFOs should avoid Real Madrid’s recruitment example

CFOs should resist the temptation to seek out the next Gareth Bale of finance. A Galácticos approach to recruitment rarely pays dividends

06 Sep 2013


The role of finance in building a strategic vision

Ahead of the FD Summit on 20 June, guest speaker Adam Kennedy looks at the role of finance in building company's a strategic vision

17 Jun 2013


Ex-Morrisons' Pennycook joins Co-op as FD

Richard Pennycook joins crisis-hit retail and banking giant Co-operative Group as finance director

05 Jun 2013


Model of instruction: Building a finance team

Creating the best finance team in Britain is a story of the accumulation of marginal gains

27 Mar 2013


Qu'est-ce que c'est? What leadership language do you speak?

Do you say the same things, in the same way, to everyone you speak to? Think about adapting, suggests Stuart Pickles

22 Mar 2013


FD Virtual Roundtable: The Fab Four

Four finance directors from a mixture of listed, private and public sector companies give their expectations for 2013

30 Jan 2013


Psyched in the workplace: The Hobbit - an unmotivated employee

The lesson from The Hobbit is that workplace psychologists have something to offer to managers leading teams, writes Gavin Hinks

24 Jan 2013


Business Finance Awards 2013: The Shortlist

The shortlist of finalists for the new Business Finance Awards 2013 has been announced

13 Dec 2012


Change the focus of finance by seeing beyond the numbers

The key financial insights that can identify areas of value, and drive more profitable decisions, are in high demand, writes Deloitte's Malcolm Wilkinson

13 Nov 2012


Power games - playing life and death in the sandpit

You might want to keep control of 'life or death' business decisions, but letting go is vital for leaders

19 Oct 2012


Pinning down company culture is a leadership responsibility

It is the responsibility of leaders to set the tone at that defines how their employees should act and behave, writes Peter Richardson

17 Aug 2012


Tomorrow's leadership – bridging the generation gap

How can the older generation assert their widsom, and appreciate the skills of the younger set?

14 Aug 2012


Democracy or dictatorship? Empowerment is a two-way street

How do executives, without a 'mandate' from staff, get them onside? Stuart Pickles provides the answer

06 Jul 2012


Editor's letter: Making the most of it

With so many businesses fighting against the tide, surely it’s more sensible to make the most of unusual events

29 May 2012


FTSE 100 FDs: Secret to their success

International qualifications and experience are more important than ever for those wanting to sit at the finance directors’ top table, finds Rachael Singh

26 Apr 2012


Battle-hardened FDs

Surviving a recession is essential for the CV of any established FD. Andrew Sawers asks the old guard whether the past prepared them for the present

02 Apr 2012


FD Interview: Nilesh Pandya

The FD of Skrill explains how he is keeping the stunning growth story going

02 Apr 2012

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