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FD phones by Bill McConkey


Moving to VOIP can be filled with glitches, test it ahead of time

The mobile and flexible working revolution is breaking down the thinking of the bygone telephone era

25 Mar 2014



Predictive selling to become part and parcel of commerce

Amazon is pioneering predictive selling, but will it work?

04 Feb 2014


Investing in technology should be at the heart of the business

Outsourcing of IT on a grand scale has created a dearth of capability and deep understanding

16 Jan 2014


Bring your own device, be your own boss

Social networking, mobility and clouds are empowering, but many businesses see them as an unknown threat

25 Nov 2013


Kids have mastered real-time resource allocation. Have you?

Young people are addicted to gaming, but oldies must learn from their mastery of real-time resource allocation

30 Oct 2013


Think about the IT minefield when you want M&A

Transition problems with M&A are akin to walking through an IT minefield wearing a blindfold: fraught with risk

20 Sep 2013


Drop-in centres provide a treasure trove of inside information

Business drop-in centres can provide a treasure trove of inside information from the unwary

23 Aug 2013


Windows XP bytes the dust

Nothing lasts forever and the demise of XP is just part of a natural progression. There is absolutely no need to panic

19 Jun 2013


IT interfaces heading for Star Trek future

Cars are becoming increasingly like KITT from Knight Rider. IT interfaces could go the same way

23 Apr 2013


Working From Where? - Making mobility real

The FD can help in the push to make the office environment more 'jellyfish-like', says Peter Cochrane

22 Mar 2013


The internet must remain borderless

The internet must remain borderless and not under the control of any one country, government or organisation

30 Jan 2013


IT strategy: Where are my bits?

The internet, servers and service providers are leaky buckets with data seeping out and in

25 Oct 2012


The big Data

Business data now spans the simple bar code and the complex and seismic

27 Sep 2012


A self-inflicted tech debacle

The software debacle at RBS had the potential to be a mass extinction event

30 Aug 2012


An IP address for everyone

The switch to the new internet protocol will be a creeping change for most, rather than a rapid shock to the system

04 Jul 2012


IT security: The walls have eyes

Once workers leave the office, security seems to drift to the back of their mind

29 May 2012


Cutting electronic systems down to size

To be more competitive, we need far less management in companies, government and our electronic systems

26 Apr 2012


Straightjacket for success

In today’s technological society, the innumeracy of the ‘so-called’ educated can only spell disaster

29 Mar 2012


Rogue states pose new cyber threats

We have transcended the era of the lone hacker to find new cyber threats posed by rogue states

23 Feb 2012


Do it yourself

At last IT will become like socks and underwear - truly personal and very diverse

22 Feb 2012

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Moving to VOIP can be filled with glitches, test it ahead of time

The mobile and flexible working revolution is breaking down the thinking of the bygone telephone era

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