Why BYOD belongs in the FD's in-tray

As more companies allow their employees to use personal devices for work purposes, Julian Swan explains why BYOD can be a legal quagmire for business.

13 Nov 2013

Internet tree

Dotcom FDs branch out

FDs who went through the dotcom boom and bust survived and, eventually, thrived. Andrew Sawers caught up with some of our dotcom interviewees

30 Oct 2013

A cloud tree

Cloud computing gets intelligent

Has the plethora of new cloud computing product releases allowed the finance function’s aims to be easily translated across the business? asks Rachael Singh

30 Oct 2013

Istanbul view

Sunset on Turkey’s boom?

Turkey looks like a good prospect for UK exporters but economists expect trouble ahead if the government stays on its current course, finds Gavin Hinks

30 Oct 2013


Indonesia: An Asian showcase for UK business

Indonesia is a trading partner with big potential for the UK but there are signs of creeping protectionism, finds Gavin Hinks

24 Sep 2013

Benefits tax “overhaul” needed

The tax treatment of employee benefits is "ripe for overhaul", but will it happen? asks Calum Fuller

24 Sep 2013


Pension deficits: An inescapable problem

Despite £35bn being pumped into UK defined benefit schemes over the last year, deficits seem impossible to escape, finds Anthony Harrington

17 Sep 2013

Business hierarchy

The failure of “hierarchical” management structures

If companies want to adapt quickly, they need a “second operating system” in addition to their existing management structures, writes Gavin Hinks

27 Aug 2013

Stobart lorry

Using fleet to drive home your brand

Can your fleet drive your brand value the way Eddie Stobart and Pimlico Plumbers do? asks Andrew Sawers

22 Aug 2013


Fleet telematics get technical

Before investing in the latest vehicle tracking system, FDs must ask how it can make their fleet more efficient, writes Richard Crump

22 Aug 2013


Seven steps for CFOs to stay ahead of the curve

Deloitte's Marcus Boyle delivers a seven-point checklist of what CFOs should be thinking about this summer

26 Jun 2013


Vanilla investing with a twist

The quandary of chasing investment yield while protecting the balance sheet is acute for insurance FDs. Richard Crump looks at their investment strategies

19 Jun 2013

Money bandit by Gary Barker

Next-generation finance

Banks' unwillingness to lend to even viable businesses has seen the growth of alternatives sources of finance, like crowdfunding, finds Neil Hodge

19 Jun 2013

Mervyn King illustration by Gary Waters

The Bank of England capital dam holding back corporate lending

Bank of England policies have been criticised for restricting credit, but banking stability remains fragile. Phil Thornton reports

19 Jun 2013


The ‘sold’ standard: golden rules for any sale

Michel Driessen looks at how companies can achieve greater value and make speedier disposals

17 Jun 2013


Cyber crime: Is it on your radar?

The costs associated with cyber crime are rising. Annie Plaskett looks at the solutions available to business

17 Jun 2013


Keeping your currency hedge in shape

Every business has different reasons to hedge, and therefore different methods of hedging. Torrie Callander explains when and why to hedge your FX risk

17 Jun 2013


Preparing for the Windows XP migration

Almost 40% of organisations are still using Windows XP with less than a year to go until support stops. Richard Pegden looks at the migration obstacles

21 May 2013


Terrorism: understanding & mitigation

The recent attack in the Algerian desert served as a reminder that terrorism is an ever-present threat. Steve Coates discusses the risk management and insurance implications

03 May 2013


In Your Business Series: The Declining Business

In the fifth of a series of articles looking at companies from every phase from start-up to exit/sale Gary Jesson looks at the declining business

03 May 2013

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