A bad fit - square peg into round hole

Reporting rules a bad fit

Implementing IFRS for public sector accounting is like putting a square peg in a round hole, writes Peter Bateman

25 Oct 2012

Cover of the November edition of Financial Director

Step change: Diversifying to achieve growth

Businesses are considering ways to reposition themselves and diversify to achieve growth. Gavin Hinks looks at the FD’s role in making the risky venture a success

25 Oct 2012


In Your Business Series: The start-up

In the first of a series of articles looking at companies from every phase from start-up to exit/sale Gary Jesson looks at starting up in the current climate

15 Oct 2012

Runes telling the future

Making sense of economic omens

There is a wealth of data out there. FDs must act as a filter for information that is relevant to the organisation’s future, writes Richard Crump

27 Sep 2012

Concept image of online advertising

The ROI from advertising spend

Advertising can deliver highly effective messaging but doesn’t come cheap. How can the FD make sense of the ROI? Gavin Hinks reports

27 Sep 2012


Finance that is fit for pupose

A benchmarking survey by PwC looks at the requirements for an effective and efficient finance function, writes Richard Crump

27 Sep 2012

Stock market

Getting on the public list

Kate Ball-Dodd and Megan Paul look at the financial and non-financial reasons to list on a public market

20 Sep 2012

Outside the EU tent

Outside the tent

Twenty years after the launch of the single market, the UK’s hostile attitude towards Brussels could undermine the gains made, writes Phil Thornton

31 Aug 2012

Boxes of things not made in China

The charge to repatriate production

Asia remains a centre for cheap manufacturing labour, but there is a spate of businesses repatriating to the UK, finds Jaimie Kaffash

30 Aug 2012


Anti-bribery policies: Not as easy as ABC

It’s one thing to have an anti-bribery and corruption policy. But how good are the systems surrounding it?

29 Aug 2012

Concept image of goldfish jumping between bowls representing change management

Disturbing number of change programmes poorly planned

Organisations need to get better at change, or risk pouring money down the drain, writes Stephen Vinall

09 Aug 2012

A businessman avoiding crocodiles to go for gold

Claiming the pot of gold

For many SMEs, routes to finance are littered with pitfalls, but what are the alternatives to traditional bank lending?

04 Jul 2012

A plane dropping cash representing sovereign wealth funds

SOS sovereign wealth funds

What are the chances of an FD in a mid-market company tapping friendly sovereign funds for much-needed capital?

04 Jul 2012

A hand extended holding a bag of pounds - illustration

Pension-led business funding: controlled risk, increased cashflow

With traditional bank funding scarce, Adam Tavener, highlights an form of business funding few are aware of

04 Jul 2012

Concept image of tech bubbles

Tech sector focus: Forever blowing bubbles

Facebook’s highly anticipated IPO sparked talk of bubbles, but for tech-sector FDs monetising a stable business is key, finds Richard Crump

04 Jul 2012

A welcome mat in front of a door

SEPA: welcoming the inevitable

The implementation of SEPA is now a given, yet the opportunity to benefit from the changes is not, writes Dirk Braun

02 Jul 2012

Concept image representing boardroom risk

Addressing risk at board level

However well protected by insurance a company may be, the reality is that it's only ever a reactive financial instrument and a slow one at that

29 Jun 2012

A window showing a sunlit landscape

Pension buyouts: Capitalising on windows of opportunity

Innovative new solutions have started to make a pension buyout economically attractive for FDs of companies with defined benefit pension schemes

18 Jun 2012

Digital Olympic rings

The Olympics and beyond

Jaimie Kaffash finds how finance directors around the UK are gearing up to take advantage of the Olympic Games

29 May 2012

Smelly money - by Gary Waters

The tax smell test

A simple test can be applied to managing tax affairs. If something smells dodgy, it usually falls close to the edge of acceptability, writes Andrew Sawers

29 May 2012

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