An illustration of two workmen breaking up the euro symbol


Phil Thornton examines what a fragmenting eurozone means for UK business

06 Jan 2012

A penny-saving jar for pensions

The right assumptions

FDs need to guard against ‘lazy’ pension scheme assumptions, writes Alan Collins

13 Dec 2011

Testing equipment in the lab

Testing times

A far more scientific approach to business testing will more than pay dividends, argues Jim Manzi

05 Dec 2011

Gender business represented by female and male signs

Gender is a business issue

This is not a gender diversity issue – it’s a business issue, says Clare Gilmartin

05 Dec 2011

Concept image of a crowd with single blue person

The future is crowded

Social technologies will be responsible for some seismic workplace shifts over the next decade, warns Karie Willyerd

29 Nov 2011

Skeleton coming out of wardrobe illustration

The hidden horror story

When considering a role at a company in crisis, pre-appointment due diligence can help FDs decide whether it’s worth the career risk, writes Richard Crump

24 Nov 2011

Bill Rhodes illustration

Rhodes to recovery

Phil Thornton speaks to veteran economist Bill Rhodes about the future of the eurozone

24 Nov 2011

An illustration of the euro crumbling

Economic outlook 2012

The economic omens for 2012 look bleak and the UK economy is expected to return to recession, finds Peter Bartram

24 Nov 2011

Financial times illustration

From little acorns…

With spin-offs on the rise across the UK, they are now serving an important purpose for a range of businesses, writes Christian Doherty

24 Nov 2011


The year that was

Gavin Hinks looks back at the stories that affected FDs over the past 12 months

24 Nov 2011

A pile of letter cuttings

Words mean numbers

The language a business uses is pretty low on most FDs’ list of priorities. But changing how you communicate can make a big difference to the bottom line, argues Neil Taylor

23 Nov 2011

Concept image of building trust

A question of trust

One in four employees do not trust the senior leaders in their organisation. Rena Rasch reveals the truth about trust and what CFOs can do to improve it

21 Nov 2011

A stock exchange screen

Popular placings

Placing and open offers have surged in popularity for AIM companies, yet institutional placings remain the preferred form of fundraising, writes Alexander Keepin

16 Nov 2011

Concept image of man settling on a mindset

Changing the finance function mindset

Simon Court asks why there is so little evidence of business partnerships benefitting business

15 Nov 2011

A businessman with head in clamp

When pain does not mean gain

Paul Marry looks at some of the top ERP headaches for finance directors in mid-size firms

11 Nov 2011

Illustration of man in super hero costume

Greece: The saviour of the euro?

Germany should realise that Greece may have already saved the euro, writes Stephen Gallo

11 Nov 2011

Concept image representing business fitness

Fit for success

Steve Clayton shares his insight on how the right finance team structure can really set your business apart from its competitors

09 Nov 2011

Cover of the November 2011 edition of Financial Director

The Golden Rules

The chief executive of Coca-Cola has given a endorsement for business in China, but FDs should understand the Chinese ways of doing business, writes Junie Tong

27 Oct 2011

Illustration of Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling

Back from the brink

Alistair Darling’s new book touches a nerve with The Secret FD, who recognises his own relationship with an over-promoted ex-chief executive

27 Oct 2011

Illustration of career rehabiltation

Career rehabilitation

Losing your reputation for integrity as a finance director is something that you may have to struggle to come back from, writes Mark Freebairn

27 Oct 2011

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