Customer service questionnaire

Smart service

Customer service cost cutting strategies have damaged long-term revenue streams from customers. But adopting Smart Service could save money and boost returns, writes Jo Davies

26 Oct 2011

Concept image representing the steps to success

Six steps to policy excellence

The right approach to risk mitigation will help your organisation meet regulatory requirements, manage the costs of compliance and realise competitive advantage, writes Dominic Saunders

25 Oct 2011

The costs of employment

The cost of workplace pension reform

FDs must make a distinction between the direct and indirect cost of auto-enrolment, says Nick Griggs

25 Oct 2011

An unlocked safe

Unlocking cashflow

To tackle cash flow, bridges must be built, writes Joe Kelly

20 Oct 2011

Fallen bowling pins

Resilient leaders

Investing in building your personal brand and developing strong work-based relationships will help you succeed as a leader, writes Nik Pratap

19 Oct 2011

Concept image of people merger

Takeover rule impact on staff issues

Takeover rule changes prompt due diligence on people issues, writes Peter Baynham

19 Oct 2011


Make finance less opaque to your business

A lack of transparency continues to hamper efforts to align non-financial impacts to business strategy, writes Jyoti Banerjee

13 Oct 2011

Oiling a set of cogs

Oiling the insurance cogs

When it comes to claiming on your insurance, co-operation and clear channels of communication will go a long way to oiling the cogs, writes Roger Flaxman

11 Oct 2011

IT health check

A clean bill of health

A health check can reveal the early warning signs of a floundering IT project and help you get it back on track, says Peter Osborne

10 Oct 2011


Taking stock of iXBRL filings

Six months after the 1 April mandation date for iXBRL filing and it’s time for FDs to turn this particular compliance challenge to their advantage, says Phill Robinson

10 Oct 2011

Concept image representing team work

Getting the right mix

The right management team dynamics can significantly boost the income of private equity backed companies. Talia Litman offers advice on getting the right mix of skills

10 Oct 2011

Concept image representing energy management

Cost benefits of energy management

Energy management is critical for a sustainable balance sheet. But making it a CSR project is the wrong approach, says Martin Blake

10 Oct 2011

Laptop and coffee representing flexible working

Flexible working space

Flexible working, technology and demographics are all having a huge impact on commercial property decisions. More dynamic workplace options are emerging, says John Gotley

04 Oct 2011

Figure surrounded by empty speech bubbles representing fluffy talk

Ditch the fluffy talk

Sceptical about your marketing director’s ability to deliver value for money from your company’s marketing strategy? It’s time to get them to ditch the fluffy talk, says Hannah McNamara

04 Oct 2011

Cartoon representing executive pay

Work to be done on executive pay

Stephen Cahill at Deloitte presses the case for why it is time for the tide to turn on executive pay

03 Oct 2011

Cloud computing drama

In defence of the cloud

It can cut IT costs, but it can also transform the relationship between the finance and IT functions. John Leese makes the case for cloud computing

30 Sep 2011

A dislike button on a keyboard

The bottom line on social media complaints

If ‘Social Media Bullies’ are attacking your bottom line, there are ways to deal with them without hurting your brand, your relationship with other customers or your business, says Andrew Mennie

30 Sep 2011

Joint venture illustration

Strategic alliance

Restricted access to bank capital has made FDs look at joint ventures. But that does not mean they will work

27 Sep 2011

Joseph Stiglitz

A hard look in the mirror

The world’s most eminent economists address the apparent failure of mainstream economic theory at the Lindau Economic Meeting.

27 Sep 2011

Finance director viewed through rifle sight

Finance in the firing line

More FDs are finding they need to learn how to survive – and thrive – in a world economy where volatility looks like becoming the norm

27 Sep 2011

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Understanding the financial cost of staff turnover

This web seminar will explain how finance directors can monitor and understand the various financial costs of staff turnover, including logistical costs and the impact of lost productivity as new employees are brought up to speed

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