A stock exchange screen

Cheerful markets underpinned by subsiding fears

Turmoil that greeted Fed plans to scale down asset purchases has subsided without causing too much damage

16 Aug 2013


GDP figures herald a change in the economic weather

Although not mirroring the blistering sunshine of recent weeks, the UK economy has moved from cold to warm

16 Aug 2013

Financial pages

On the same page: Keeping boards informed and engaged

Increasing travel commitments, frequency of meetings and disparate sources of information contribute to distractions inside and outside the boardroom

01 Aug 2013

Rising import costs putting pressure on small businesses

An increasing number of SMEs are becoming frustrated by the government’s export led policy and the weakening of the pound, writes Alex Sullivan

16 Jul 2013

In Your Business Series – Exiting the business

In the last of this series charting a business from start up to exit, Garry Jesson looks at the exit strategy

15 Jul 2013

Bernanke unleashes turmoil on markets with tapering plan

In spite of the turmoil unleashed by the Federal Reserve, global optimism persists and equity markets remain strong

11 Jul 2013

A quest for efficiency: How Kempinski redefined the month-end close

Kempinski Hotels expansion has brought complexities into daily operations, including differing time zones, languages and operating practices

09 Jul 2013

Are you paying attention to pay?

James Roberts looks at the corrosive effect of excessive remuneration, as changes to pay reporting regulations emerge

28 Jun 2013

Surviving the recovery

More companies become insolvent when the economy starts to pick-up than during a recession. John Alexander explains how to survive the recovery

28 Jun 2013

Bringing international financial reporting up to standard

The international standards used to draw up accounts for judging a company's financial health are not up to the job, writes Syed Kamal

26 Jun 2013

Quantifying the reality of financial risk

Quantifying financial risk is not just for professors and should form a pivotal role in a finance director’s toolkit, explains Simon Bibby

19 Jun 2013

BMG Chrysalis' office space grand designs helped the bottom line

Office space is important to improving the bottom line. For BMG Chrysalis' FD, it helped bring two organisations together

19 Jun 2013

Relationship bankers are wolves in sheeps' clothing

FDs are faced with the dreaded relationship manager – posing as a confidant when actually tasked with spying

19 Jun 2013

Windows XP bytes the dust

Nothing lasts forever and the demise of XP is just part of a natural progression. There is absolutely no need to panic

19 Jun 2013

The role of finance in building a strategic vision

Ahead of the FD Summit on 20 June, guest speaker Adam Kennedy looks at the role of finance in building company's a strategic vision

17 Jun 2013

How to run a seasonal business

Seasonal businesses aren't about going hell-for-leather for six months then snoozing. Planning, analysis and projects should keep you busy, explains Matt Benham

17 Jun 2013

Should your network be broad or deep?

To add value to the boards you sit on, or to the boards of your clients, Hilary Briggs advocates you need both breadth and depth in your network

17 Jun 2013

Investors unnerved by uncertainties over Fed bond policy

Differences of view on the Federal Reserve’s policy-making committee have unsettled investors, and the negative ripple effects have been felt globally

14 Jun 2013

Celebrations over 0.3% growth are premature

Positive growth is to be welcomed but relief over 0.3% growth is overdone and focuses on the wrong issue

14 Jun 2013

Timely assessment of IP is critical in M&A due diligence

Realisation of the significance of IP in an M&A valuation does not always mean that due diligence is being carried out consistently and effectively

29 Apr 2013

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This web seminar will explain how finance directors can monitor and understand the various financial costs of staff turnover, including logistical costs and the impact of lost productivity as new employees are brought up to speed

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Crowd control the focus of new funding rules

New crowdfunding rules will improve access to finance through schemes like EIS, writes Matthew Phillips


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