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The company car is still one of the most sought-after employee perks, this is in spite of the efforts of successive governments’ to drive the “tax take” into all components of remuneration, or to discourage road use. Over and above the “perk car”, however, many thousands of companies have large, unwieldy salesforce or commercial fleets to manage. Even though the primary purpose of such fleets is operational – they get your people on the road – rather than motivational, they also have implications for the employees who drive them. The government is committed to a brave new transport policy, but the recent White Paper still leaves fleet managers and FDs uncertain as to status of the car.

The fact is that in the meantime, managing your fleet properly is still a priority; far-sighted directors will be ready whatever direction the government takes on transport, be that parking taxes, road tolls or incentives for alternative fuels.

With that in mind, Financial Director presents Fleet Decisions, our overview of some of the key issues facing fleet decision-makers in all sizes of company. Whether you’re managing just a handful of perk cars or a legion of sales reps’ saloons, company car policy is something you can’t afford to ignore. Welcome to the world of integrated transport.