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 Article                                                         Month,Page ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL REPORTING Book extract A financial reporting inspector calls                               Feb,37 Columns Associates: Jane is here to stay                                    Jan,35 OFR: Spare us the puff                                              Feb,55 "Fraud's a problem, but it will never happen to me ..."             Mar,85 The UITF: Accountancy's Red Adair                                   Apr,69 Reporting on risk? "There are no problems ..."                      May,81 The public sector takes the initiative                              Jun,63 You've earned your qualification, now what's the institute going to do?                                                    Jul/Aug,45 The importance of valuing your pension fund                         Sep,77 No wonder City bankers are annoyed                                  Oct,51 "We've no idea how bad this crisis is."                             Nov,65 Cover story Annual reports and FD salary survey                                 Oct,25 Editor's letter Financial reporting: Never mind two-plus-two                         Feb,5 Features Annual reports: read all about it                                   Oct,35 Accounting for the accountants                                 Fin Mill,20 Standard bearers for the millennium                            Fin Mill,23 Nothing compares to euro                                       Fin Mill,43 Insights Financial reporting: Where are annual reports going?                Mar,10 Goodwill: Accounting for the unaccountable                          May,15 Prelims: "Now hear this, now hear this"                              Oct,9 Insight briefs US companies fall foul of pooling rule                              Sep,16 Prelims: 60-day ruling will be a struggle                           Oct,14 German companies file accounts                                      Nov,16 ADVERTISING, MARKETING Features Marketing data refreshes analysts                                   May,44 Cost is nothing, image is everything                                Oct,47 AUDITING, AUDITORS Insights Audit committees: Auditing conflicts                                Jan,10 E&Y, KPMG: No accounting for accountants                            Feb,10 Conflict? What conflict?                                        Jul/Aug,10 BANKING Columns Private banking: Goodbye to poodle-walking                          Jan,37 Rationalisation: doesn't that happen to other people?               Feb,57 How many banks does Europe need after the euro?                     Mar,87 Why is London ignoring the euro?                                    Apr,71 No wonder the banks are having a Basle                              May,83 Things can't get any better, right?                                 Jun,65 The new rules for the newly converted building societies        Jul/Aug,47 Happy surprises, unpleasant shocks                                  Sep,79 Banks can't resist those Latin charms                               Oct,53 Banks learned lessons of recession                                  Nov,67 Insight Not all hedge funds need clipping                                   Nov,15 CASH MANAGEMENT Case study How to be a successful tightwad                                     Nov,42 Insight Late payment: get me to the bank on time                             Nov,8 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Features Fourth law of property: renovation ...                              Feb,45 Investment: Property may face less taxing times                     Feb,51 Making room for east lenders                                        Jun,57 Insight Rates: Millennium space race                                        Sep,12 CORPORATE FINANCE Feature A brand new game, a brand new name                                  May,39 Insights Corporate finance: Probing rights                                   Jan,11 Adventure capital: junk is back                                     May,10 Underwriting laws are over-written                                  Oct,11 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Cover story The Czech-list mentality                                            May,28 Editor's letters Corporate governance: No, Margaret, no, no, no                       Mar,5 Tell your board what you really think                                Jun,5 Insight briefs A return to old values                                              Nov,18 ECONOMY: ASIA Columns No quick patch-up for Asia                                          Feb,61 Disinflation: Made in Japan                                         Jun,69 Insight Far East: Holding back the tears                                    Feb,13 Insight briefs Gearing in Korea                                                    Nov,18 ECONOMY: EUROPE Column When will the euro run into trouble?                                Apr,77 Feature Where did all our jobs go?                                     Fin Mill,47 ECONOMY: LATIN AMERICA Column The banks' real roulette game isn't Russian                         Oct,55 ECONOMY: UK Columns Don't bank on a collapse yet                                        Jan,45 This peak is lower than last cycle's trough                         Mar,91 A year's hard labour, a year's hard Gordon                          May,87 The Bank reflects too much on inflation                             Sep,83 Editor's letter Cool down, Britannia                                                 May,5 ECONOMY: USA Column Why the dollar is almost past its sell-by date                  Jul/Aug,51 EMU Columns How many banks does Europe need after the euro?                     Mar,87 Why is London ignoring the euro?                                    Apr,71 A euro-stick to beat your bank with                                 Apr,73 Beware Euroland's cultural banana skins                             Apr,75 The euro will run into trouble - but when?                          Apr,77 Cover story Survey: The final countdown                                         Apr,28 Editor's letters Welcome to Euroland: Anything to declare?                            Apr,5 Stop squabbling: let's get serious                                   Oct,5 Features Emu and international conflict                                      Apr,37 Nothing compares to euro                                       Fin Mill,43 Insights EMU: Single currency by stealth                                      Jan,8 EMU: What the FDs say                                               Apr,10 Can Soros kill the euro?                                            Apr,12 Emu & price transparency: the difference is clear                   Apr,15 Almost in Euroland                                                  Jun,12 Insight briefs "If it's Tuesday, it's euros"                                       Oct,14 Emu "will change job laws"                                          Nov,18 Letters to the editor Where is Euroland?                                                   Jun,6 Round table Emu: a modest proposal                                              Nov,52 The FD Interviews Why Avis Europe is grabbing the euro with both hands                Feb,16 A penchant for the euro                                             Apr,18 EXPORTING Insight "Export credit insurance not suit you, sir?"                        May,17 FLEET MANAGEMENT Insight briefs No more fuel tax                                                    Oct,14 Supplements There'll be another integrated transport policy along in a minute   May,vi Border crossing: the fleet goes global                             May,xiv Big Brother is keeping tabs on you                                  May,xx Counting the cost of company road hogs                            May,xxii When you need a hard shoulder to cry on                           May,xxxi PCPs are back: this time it's personal                        Oct,FltDec10 Yield to no one: size is everything                           Oct,FltDec15 From motorway to IT superhighway                              Oct,FltDec20 The White Paper that's all bark and no drive                   Oct,FltDec4 FRAUD Column "Fraud's a problem, but it will never happen to me ..."             Mar,85 Cover story Performance-related stress: Under pressure                          Jan,20 Editor's letter FDs pound the beat                                                   Nov,5 Features Shooting the sleaze                                                 Mar,38 Forensic accounting: Accountancy's own fraudbusters                 Nov,38 Insight briefs Driving out fraudulent deals                                        Sep,16 INDUSTRY Features Spirax Sarco: Letting off some steam                                Feb,32 Manufacturing some margin for manoeuvre                             Apr,44 INSOLVENCY Book extract Terry Smith on Charterhall's downfall                               Nov,34 Cover story Don't fear the reaper                                               Nov,32 Insight briefs "It's good to fail," says DTI sec                                   Nov,16 INSURANCE Insight Weathering highs                                                Jul/Aug,13 INVESTOR RELATIONS Book extract More questions than answers                                         Oct,41 IT STRATEGY Columns IT becomes user-friendly in 1998                                    Jan,43 The chink in Microsoft's armour                                     Feb,59 Information is money: protect and survive                           May,85 Bill Gates is right to be worried                                   Nov,71 Cover story Bar codes: It's all in black & white                            Jul/Aug,24 Features "What's this lot worth, then?"                                      Jun,38 Hardware, software, buy where?                                  Jul/Aug,29 Outsourced to India                                                 Sep,31 E-trading places                                                    Nov,45 Cured the bug; now what?                                       Fin Mill,37 Insight "No technology please, we're British"                               Jun,10 Insight briefs Business change starts with an 'E'                                  Nov,16 Supplement E-commerce: Reach out and touch someone                             Mar,iv EMU & Y2K: Double-whammy                                            Mar,ix Fat clients? On yer bike ...                                      Mar,xvii Windows NT: Through the looking glass                            Mar,xxiii Java: A richer blend                                              Mar,xxiv Intranets: More power to the browser                             Mar,xxvii Legal? Decent? Honest? Everywhere?                                                       Mar,xxxv KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Insight briefs It ain't what you know                                              Nov,16 LITIGATION Feature At last: the shorter arm of the law                            Fin Mill,45 MANAGEMENT Columns Incentives: What do you want out of this job?                       Jan,41 Go do that voodoo that you do so well - if it makes sense           Mar,89 Beware Euroland's cultural banana skins                             Apr,75 Which came first? Happy employees or happy customers?               Jun,67 Everything's in place to enable us to change                        Sep,81 Alliance is the name of the game                                    Nov,69 MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS Cover stories BT, MCI: Fair exchange                                              Feb,28 Hanson: Dividing the spoils                                         Mar,26 Insights Glaxo/SKB: Britain's £100bn men                                     Mar,11 Compaq's own Digital revolution                                     Mar,13 Insight briefs Aborted merger insurance                                            Oct,14 OUTSOURCING Features When did you last see your outsourced service provider?            Jun, 51 The shared geographic centre                                   Fin Mill,31 Insight Get IT out of your system                                           Jun,10 PENSIONS & EMP BENS Column Valuing your pension fund                                           Sep,77 Review This little piggy banked on a final salary scheme               Jul/Aug,33 A slice of the action                                           Jul/Aug,39 More than just cash in the bank                                 Jul/Aug,43 PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT Features These models aren't executive toys                                  Jan,26 You don't have to countalot                                         Jun,32 Where's the value in budgeting?                                Fin Mill,26 Insights Overdue diligence                                                   Jun,13 Capital ideas about equity's cost                                   Nov,13 PORTFOLIO British Land                                                        Feb,23 South West Water                                                    Mar,24 Orange                                                              Apr,26 Whitbread                                                           May,26 Burford Holdings                                                    Sep,24 Pearson                                                             Nov,28 PROF'L QUALIFICATIONS Columns You've earned your qualification, what's the institute going to do?                                                    Jul/Aug,45 Be a well-rounded FD: try a little treasury                     Jul/Aug,49 Cover story Counting the beancounters                                           Jun,24 Editor's letter There's nothing wrong with 3+3                                       Sep,5 Insight briefs BP-Amoco's John Buchanan                                            Sep,16 Letters to the editor Differences no longer relevant                                       Oct,6 Industry-wide standards                                              Oct,6 PURCHASING Insights Industry wants shorter, fatter shopping lists                       Sep,11 Someone to help you with your shopping                              Sep,14 RECRUITMENT Insight briefs DLA spreads its wings                                               Oct,14 REVIEW OF THE YEAR Feature In 1998, Financial Director covered all the issues              Fin Mill,5 RISK MGT, TREASURY Book extract Has 7.12%, will swap for 6mth Libor                                 Sep,35 Columns Merry currency and risk-managed new year                            Jan,39 A euro-stick to beat your bank with                                Apr, 73 Be a well-rounded FD: try a little treasury                     Jul/Aug,49 Feature Risky? It's all just a question of control                          Mar,44 Insights The book of numbers: Against the Gods                                Jan,9 Treasury: Rogue traders beware - the middle men are here            Mar,12 "Failure is not an option"                                          Oct,13 The bank loan that cost a mound of money                            Nov,11 Letters to the editor Under pressure                                                       Feb,6 SOFTWARE Feature Oh, what a tangled web we weave                                     Jun,44 Insight Piracy on the high C-drives                                         Jun,14 Round table All the options have passed their sell-by date                      May,34 Not everything on the Internet makes sense                          Jun,47 "We're all doing ERP now"                                           Nov,51 Emu: a modest proposal                                              Nov,52 Supplement Getting more fingers on the pulse                                    Sep,v Installation, integration, irritation                               Sep,xi KPMG Financial Software Directory                                  Sep,xvi STOCK EXCHANGES Feature This little market went to market                              Fin Mill,33 Insights Share registrars? Bah, humbug                                   Jul/Aug,12 EuroBorse AG or EuroBorse PLC?                                       Sep,9 Insight briefs Crest looks set to ride merger wave                                 Sep,16 Letters to the editor IT companies and the City                                            Jan,6 Supplement AIM: London's unquoted alternatives                                 Apr,ii Easdaq: Euro-vision                                                 Apr,ix Official List: The mother of stock exchanges                         Apr,v Nasdaq: Only for the ambitious                                    Apr,xiii STRATEGY Editor's letters Iron resolution - for everyone else                                  Jan,5 Floating a few ideas                                             Jul/Aug,5 Time has no meaning if there is no change                       Fin Mill,3 Insight briefs "Stick to your guns," says Collum                                   Nov,18 TAXATION Cover story Taking taxes into Africa                                            Sep,26 Feature Self-assessment: We're all tax inspectors now                       Mar,32 Insights Tax: Catch-all tax law's Catch 22                                   Feb,12 Think of a number, double it ...                                    May,12 Letters to the editor Smart tax                                                            Feb,6 TELECOMS Feature "Hello, I'd like more bandwidth"                                    Sep,41 THE FD INTERVIEW Avis Europe: David Maloney Why Avis Europe is grabbing the euro with both hands                                                Feb,16 Debonair: Richard Clapson How a European airline found its wings over America                 Mar,16 Dibb Lupton Alsop: David Liddle The man who has to make lawyers "true and fair"                     Nov,22 Lloyds TSB: Kent Atkinson How to add and multiply by subtracting without division             May,20 London International: David Davies "Something for the new millennium, sir?"                            Sep,18 Monument Oil & Gas: Liz Airey Oiling the wheels of high finance is a monumental task              Oct,18 QE2: Steve Ward When a liquidity crisis means "Man the lifeboats"                   Jan,14 Regus: Peter Jenkins The smart approach to offices: Have space, will travel         Fin Mill,14 Ricardo Engineering: Rodney Westhead Shifting up a gear from beancounter to rev counter                  Jun,18 Williams Grand Prix: Duncan Mayall True grid: the FD who isn't about to brake the bank             Jul/Aug,16 Xerox Europe: Patrick Ponchon A penchant for the euro                                             Apr,18 UTILITIES Feature Making the profits flow uphill                                      Nov,57 VENTURE CAPITAL Feature Don't overlook any factors                                          Jan,30 Insight Same song, different band                                            Jun,8 FltDec = Fleet Decisions; see October 1998 FinMill = The December issue was published as Financial Millennium: The Financial Director Yearbook 1999 For back isuues call (0171) 316 9700. 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