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Qualification & date FCMA 1991

What things other than finance do you do in your job? Responsibilities include the canteen and the car park. (How did I let these get into my job description?)

Would you rather spend more time doing non-finance things? Certainly not if they’re anything like the canteen!

What is on your desk (e.g. PC, too much paper etc) PC, Psion and telephone, files inherited from previous FD (what’s in them?) and a cup of coffee. Also, most importantly, a photo of husband and kids to remind me of the real world.

What is your favourite work related website?, of course! (All you FD’s out there, have a look and buy.)

What do you like/dislike about the role of finance director? I love the diversity of the role, with involvement in day-to-day operations and strategy. I dislike being held responsible for other people’s mistakes (finance is usually blamed!).

What is the best/worst thing about your auditors? I love them when they’re helpful – I hate them when they disagree with me.

Do you visit your factories, shops, warehouses etc? Yes – there is no better way to understand what’s going on.

How would you rank our list of key FD attributes (most important first)?

(a) accuracy 5th

(b) stewardship 1st

(c) entrepreneurial skills 4th

(d) people management skills 2nd

(e) strategic thinking 3rd

Do you think an accountancy qualification is essential to the FD role? No, but it helps.

Can you name the president of your accountancy institute without looking it up? Who ?

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