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Robin Sim Jenkins, previously struck off the Securities and Futures Authority register of managers, was found guilty of dishonourable conduct by the committee. In March 1996, Jenkins was found guilty of embezzling #176,525 from Barclays. He had worked as financial controller at its head office between August 1989 and July 1994.

According to reports at the time of the trial, Jenkins said he had taken the money because he was underpaid and bonuses and pay rises he had been promised had not materialised. Jenkins signed over cheques to bank accounts under false names, which ended in his own account.

The crime was discovered when a director at Barclays found Jenkins was claiming expenses of #500 in taxi fares. After the discovery, Jenkins was fired from Barclays and went on to a senior post with Argyll and Clyde Health Board.

Jenkins resigned when the case came to court.

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