Company News » India seeks international expansion

A survey of India’s top entrepreneurs has found a growing interest from
Indian companies in European and US expansion. The survey, conducted by
IndusView, claims that 80% of those surveyed said they planned to merge with
either a European or US company.

And the feeling is mutual, with 90% of Indian executives claiming to have
been approached by European and US businesses.

Separately, the Economist Intelligence Unit found that a search for cheaper,
quicker money is driving Indian companies to international financial markets. As
a result of India’s fast growth curve and regulatory reforms, over the past five
years it has outpaced other Asian emerging markets in growth of private inflows
from equity and debt issued and loans raised overseas by domestic companies.

In 2005/06 the total of overseas borrowing and equity issues reached $16bn
(£8.42bn) – a 75% increase over the previous year.


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