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According to research carried out by the
, relatively well-paying managerial, professional and
semi-professional jobs have grown faster than any other type of job in the UK
over the past decade.

Among men, managerial jobs grew by 12.73% between 1995 and 2005, with
professional roles growing by 8.3%. However, the most marked increases were
among women with the number of female managers growing by 29.53%. The number of
female professionals grew by 15% and associate professionals by almost 57%.

The research suggests that far from there being a boom in low-paying,
low-skilled service sector work since the mid-nineties, the growth has, in fact,
occurred at the higher levels of the labour market.

“The idea that the decline in manufacturing has meant the end of decent jobs
paying decent wages for vast numbers of people is unfounded,” says Ian Brinkley
at the Work Foundation, and co-author of the report. “A more knowledge-intensive
world of work, where people work with their heads more than their hands, appears
from these findings to be a relatively benign development for workers.”

The top five paying jobs for men, according to the study, are marketing and
sales managers; ICT managers; construction managers; medical practitioners; and
software engineers.

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