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Ken Hanna adds Tesco non-exec role to Inchcape

Departing Cadbury CFO keeps one foot in food retail as well as chairing car
rental giant

Does your face fit? The making of a successful

Last month we examined what qualities successful FDs possess. Our second look at
what makes a great FD finds that success comes more easily if you are in the
type of business or situation that suits you best.

CFO pay rises faster than CEOs’

The number and complexity of demands made on chief financial officers has grown
faster than those faced by chief executive officers, resulting in a greater rate
of pay increases for US CFOs than their CEOs, according to research from human
resource consultancy Mercer.

rush to take four day week at KPMG

KPMG announces new voluntary scheme to avoid redundancies.


Five card tricks: what to look for in today’s

Reviewing some of the most dynamic FDs we have interviewed in Financial Director
over the last 25 years, we compile some of the best qualities of our ‘perfect’
finance director

FD opinion poll: the challenges ahead

We ask our 2008 FD interviewees what they expect of the next 12 months

Winner takes all: what role did remuneration pack
ages play in the global crisis?

Following the FSA’s spotlight on remuneration as business risk, can we really
quell the era of the mega-bonus?

Round peg, square mile: Plus sets its sights on

Nemone Wynn-Evans, CFO of mid-caps stock exchange Plus, talks about taking on
the London Stock Exchange


eyes City pay structure

Regulator’s open letter to CEOs hints at a clampdown on irresponsible
remuneration policies, but lacks conviction

Awards 2008: Blue Chip FD of the Year

Richard Pennycook wins Blue Chip FD of the Year

B&B chairman takes blame for lender’s demise

Rod Kent is ‘massively sorry’ and accepts the blame for the lender’s demise at
Treasury committee hearing


stocks: Finance chiefs have a lot to answer for

Huge pay, questionable competence. Answers are needed about the role played by
some of the FDs and CFOs at the most damaged financial institutions


Easy targets
As the FD job evolves into a more visible strategic role, there is a danger of
more ending up as public patsies whose careers – and reputations – never recover

JUNE 2008

The good fight
Voluntary Services Overseas’ FD Jo Knowles recalls the governance revolution in
UK charities and believes the finance function’s groundwork is crucial to the
third sector’s success

FCs take on more strategic role

Over the past five years, regulation, risk and controls have been major challen
ges facing financial controllers. But times have changed and the control lers
are now turning their attention to improving their team’s internal profile

MAY 2008

One four all
Is the SocGen CFO’s promotion to deputy CEO the start of a succession plan, or
just a four-way attack on its problems?


Fewer heroes more zeros
What do chief executives really want in their finance directors? Four
experienced headhunters share their insights into the current demands, and
needs, when recruiting FDs

Special: Swap shop
FDs are being encouraged to take non-finance roles to broaden their
understanding of the business

Surprised? Partly
By the time Craig Smith took on the finance director role at Management
Consulting Group, he felt he already knew the company inside out. But, as he
tells Andrew Sawers, the first day threw up a few surprises