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Not a lot of people know this, but you can now follow Financial Director on Twitter – in two places.

For our editorial team’s take on the world of the FD, follow – and if you’re game for the hollerings of a Luddite, politically-challenged editor, keep tabs on my own blog, .

I’m new to Twitter myself and still have one foot in the anti-Tweetersphere camp, but like any good FD would I’m giving a new thing a whirl. I’m following a bunch of interesting sounding Twitterers (Twitter lingo check, anyone?) from other FDs and related news outlets both on this side of the pond and over on Barack Obama’s patch: and I’m following probably the UK’s finest comedian, Armando Iannucci – did I mention that you can meet him at November’s Accountancy Age awards? I’ll be there with the Accy Age editorial team, with my copy of his Facts and Fancies book to be signed by the great man.

I’ll try to keep you updated there on what the word on the FD Twitterstreet is, but follow me if you’re on Twitter yourself and join in – and retweet our articles.

And thanks to Flickr’s bioxid, aka Rafael Poveda, for the Creative Commons use of his upside-down doggy Twitter logo. Something a bit different to the blue bird, eh?