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Finance directors will meet on 2 December to explore the routes to growth in the UK Economy amidst the latest round of public spending cuts and the increasing pressure on the private sector to lead economic growth into 2011 and beyond.

An insightful panel debate will bring together a host of industry experts to represent a different aspect of the UK economy to generate lively discussion around the shape and likely sources of growth in a world of austerity.

Topics to be discussed include:

Which aspect of the Government Spending Review will have the most impact on the UK economy?
Overcoming the private sector burden of public sector debt in 2011 and beyond
Which sectors will come out most buoyant?
How can the private sector take up the slack that has built up in the economy?
Identifying routes to growth in 2011
Blue sky outlook for 2012 and beyond

The audience will be joined by Financial Director editor Melanie Stern and a panel of highly-respected commentators, to be announced shortly.

Click here to see more about the event, sponsored by Advanced Business Solutions and held in central London. Entry is free for FDs.





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