Strategy & Operations » Leadership & Management » Q&A: Christina Unsworth, Grohe

01. Early riser or work late?
Definitely work late.

02. On the job or formal education and training?
I think it is important to have a good balance. Formal training gives you the basis to build from but on the job training enables you to put into practice what you have learnt and also discuss with colleagues different, perhaps more efficient ways of working.

03. What’s your management style?
I like to empower my staff to make decisions within their capability within a coaching style of management. I have a very open door policy (not always a good thing) which enables them to run things by me or check the decisions they have made.

04. Does delegation come easy?
Delegation is never easy as I like to be in control but I make a conscious effort to curb this and delegate more.

05. Who do you rely on most?
Myself. (and my children to keep me sane)

06. Business venues – boardroom or restaurant?
I think both have a purpose depending on the situation and topic. I often find you can share more information in an informal environment such as a restaurant than around the boardroom table.

07. What technology would you never be without?
My Blackberry

08. Are you an FD forever?
Yes probably – The role of the FD is constantly changing so I never have the opportunity to be bored.

09. What keeps you awake at night?
I worry about the country’s ability to come out of the recession and the impact it has on my friends and family.

10. Your critical advice to would-be FDs?
My advice would be to get involved in the business strategy and move from a Controller / Accountant mentality to a Business Partner mentality. Finance is very much a support function and has a huge opportunity to add real value to the business.