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IN A FINANCIAL climate where UK businesses are more pressured than ever to drive growth, reduce costs and maintain high standards of performance management, it has never been more important for Financial Directors and their colleagues to manage costs and optimise budgeting and performance management practices.

Automating the CPM process is no longer the reserve of larger organisations: as the frequency, need for and complexity of budgeting increases, it has also become more necessary and attractive for mid-scale companies to achieve the capacity and advantages that automation can offer. This in turn can liberate the extra time spent on many of the extraneous aspects of budgeting and concentrate on high-value tasks, to find ways to boost company profitability and add value, by making better decisions through deeper analysis and understanding of business performance. This concise webinar will focus on the challenges involved with traditional methods, as well as the benefits of utilising an automated CPM process.

Key benefits:
• Discover how to enable better inter-departmental collaboration
• Identifying ways to increase the overall accuracy of a finished budget
• Receive invaluable insight from the CEO of a leading business solutions software company as part of a panel
• Uncover cost saving techniques through improved budget validation
• Have the opportunity to put your questions to the panel
• Explore a method of generating numerous scenarios within your forecasting process

Speakers include:

Paul Barber, Chief Executive Officer, Prophix Software Inc.
Arif Kamal, Group Finance Director, GL Hearn
Antony Doggwiler, FCCA – Consultant FD, Orchard Growth Partners
Jonathan Teller, Analytics Expert and member of the ICAEW IT Faculty Technical Committee
Moderator: Richard Crump, Deputy Editor, Financial Director

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