More News » IRIS rolls out free IT to all accountants – customers or not

ACCOUNTANCY SOFTWARE company IRIS has launched its first online product IRIS OpenSpace.

The cloud software is designed specifically for accountancy practices and is free for accountants.

It can be used by any accountant, whether they are an existing IRIS customer or not, and allows users to share files with clients using 1 GB of space. The system alerts clients when their accountant has something waiting in the system such as financial statements that are ready for review.

Phill Robinson, CEO of IRIS Accountancy Solutions, said: “With increased use of e-filing (including the recent iXBRL rollout), electronic communication with clients is now effectively the default option.

“Email is not a secure way of sharing files and so, increasingly, we hear about accountants wanting to use Dropbox or Google Drive, but finding that these programs are consumer-orientated and not helpful when it comes to understanding the accountant-client hierarchical relationship. There also may not adhere to UK data protection principles. So we decided to solve those problems.

“IRIS OpenSpace takes the best of consumer cloud applications and industrialises them for the accountancy sector. Security, integration with our own products and ease of use have been our priorities while building the service and we believe that it meets a previously unfulfilled need.”

IRIS took its first steps into the cloud market in April with the launch of OpenPortal, a dashboard that allows users to access IRIS software online.