Strategy & Operations » Leadership & Management » FD Q&A: Rosie Chalmers, Oracle Capital Group

01. Rise early or work late?
I am an owl. I take a hot yoga class after work then make myself a cup of tea and it’s a computer screen until the most important things are done for the next day. As per Benjamin Franklin’s wise words: “There will be plenty of time for sleeping in the grave.”

02. Training preferences: on the job or formal training?
Equally important. Formal training provides basic understanding and on-the-job experience moulds that understanding into solid knowledge and practical know-how. Moreover, it is almost impossible to get a job without any appropriate knowledge of a subject.

03. What is your management style?
I am hands on. I believe in keeping a finger on the pulse. It is imperative to have a group of people that fit well with each other. When the team is organised properly, all the board meetings are actually a pleasure to go to. Not to mention the work challenges become easier to deal with.

04. Does delegation come easy?
I am very demanding of high standards, but I would like to think of myself as fair. If people give me their best effort, I am very generous in giving back. It’s not always wise to throw someone, especially a new team mate, in the deep end. At the same time, knowing when to present a challenge to someone whom you believe would be able to deal with it can benefit everyone. The learning process never stops.

05. Who do you rely on most?
Everyone in the team. It takes time to forge a strong force but once you have it, you know there’s a good set-up. People need to understand the importance of the jobs they are performing.

06. Boardroom or restaurant?
Both. It depends on the circumstances and the type of contact/client. Some of the best partnerships have been forged over a glass of Bordeaux.

07. What technology would you never be without?
My BlackBerry. I can’t fall asleep if it’s out of reach. My boyfriend hates it, though.

08. Are you an FD for life?
I love doing what I do – it’s hard to imagine doing something else. But a job title does not define my achievements and drive. The most important thing to me has always been to deliver success and drive my company forward.

09. What keeps you awake at night?
My snoring.

10. Your advice for aspiring FDs?
You have to know yourself first. You have to know what you’re capable of achieving. But most importantly, you have to love what you do.