More News » Iris acquires KashFlow

IRIS HAS ACQUIRED online practice management software developer KashFlow, giving them a joint subscriber-based of around 60,000 UK accountancy firms and SMEs.

KashFlow was founded in 2006 by Duane Jackson (pictured) and has since grown to serve around 30,000 small businesses.

In February, Iris acquired Websmiths Group, which provides firms with template or bespoke website designs. That service is now offered under the OpenWebsite brand.

Iris chief executive Phill Robinson said: “I am thrilled to announce that the KashFlow team will become part of the wider IRIS Software Group, since there is so much we can achieve together for the millions of SMEs who wrestle every day with their payroll, bookkeeping and accountancy needs.

“KashFlow’s superb cloud services are the perfect fit with our existing suite of products and I am confident that this will enable IRIS to strengthen its leading position in cloud software for UK SMEs and accountancy firms.”

KashFlow founder and chief executive Duane Jackson said: “IRIS clearly understand the importance of the cloud and the benefits it can bring to small business owners. Being part of the wider IRIS Software Group not only gives us direct access to a significant section of the UK accountancy and SME sector but it also makes us part of a wider suite of cloud offerings.

“This will help us deliver on our vision of further automating and simplifying the process of running a small business, enabling entrepreneurs to cut through the red tape and get on with doing what they do best: winning clients and growing their businesses. Around half of all UK accountancy firms already use IRIS to run their business, now they will be able to collaborate with their clients through tight integration with the KashFlow cloud bookkeeping system.”