More News » Paperless self-assessment on the way, says HMRC

PAPERLESS SELF-ASSESSMENT could soon be introduced after a consultation was launched by HM Revenue & Customs.

Under paperless self-assessment, taxpayers will receive communications from HMRC electronically, rather than by letter.

HMRC has over ten million self-assessment taxpayers, the vast majority of whom choose to file their tax return online. However, only 25% of their interactions and communications with HMRC can be delivered online at the moment. For example, despite filing online, HMRC uses paper to tell the customer about the outcome of their filing.

Exchequer secretary to the Treasury David Gauke said: “HMRC’s digital strategy will make processes like self-assessment faster and simpler. It will deliver the tax system for the 21st century that taxpayers expect.

“The vast majority of HMRC’s self-assessment customers already file electronically, but only 25% of their dealings with HMRC are online. Paperless self-assessment will allow customers to do it all online.”

The consultation document can be viewed here.