More News » CIMA changes syllabus to reflect integrated reporting

CIMA HAS UPDATED its global syllabus to reflect changes across the financial reporting industry.

The syllabus update will see students making greater use of technology with sustainability and risk also playing a larger part in their education.

From January 2015 all nine exams will be computer-based with students receiving their pass or fail notification instantly. However, the case study section will still be marked by a person and students will have the normal wait time for the result.

They have increased the number of case studies overall across the tests, which CIMA hopes will force students to think about how to use their skills in the workplace.

Following research by the institute with employers from various sectors, CIMA has introduced new material such as integrated reporting, sustainability and transforming the finance function. It has also strengthened existing modules to increase education in areas such cost management and risk awareness.

Students will be able to sit their exams at any of CIMA’s 5,000 centres around the world.