Strategy & Operations » Leadership & Management » Off Balance: SIM-ple farewell for Vodafone’s Andy Halford

OFF BALANCE was a bit misty-eyed as Vodafone confirmed the departure of CFO Andy Halford.

With so many platitudes thrown in his direction in recent months, including picking up the Business Finance Awards’ Outstanding Achievement gong, it was somewhat sad to see the rather perfunctory confirmation of his last day on 31 March.

But those cheeky chappies in Vodafone HQ didn’t let him go out with a whimper.

A resolution was passed approving the provision of a Vodafone SIM card for Andy to use at his leisure for the next three years. As the Telegraph’s City Diary rightly pointed out, him being linked to a telco job in Western Australia could see that being quite an expensive parting gift.

Off Balance wonders why the carriage clock has gone out of fashion.