Strategy & Operations » Leadership & Management » Accountants have itchy feet despite 5% pay rise

ACCOUNTANTS’ PAY has skipped up by more than 5% in the past year, according to a survey by Marks Sattin.

Salaries increased by 4.3%, to £66,795 in 2013/14, while the average bonus was 17.5% (up from 17.2%). In addition, 53% of accountants received a bonus compared to 47% a year earlier.

However, only 46% were satisfied with the pay, and 39% of respondents stating they would actively look for a new job in the coming 12 months.

Dave Way, Marks Sattin MD said: “Increasingly onerous regulatory pressure and demand for growth mean quality accountancy talent remains integral – a fact shown by the year on year increase in salaries.

“In many sectors businesses are pulling back on bonuses and focusing on the stability that salary growth brings but the fact that accountants are seeing growth in both shows the high premium companies are placing on talent retention.”

Eight in ten accountants said they felt secure in their role, and 66% are expecting salary growth in the coming year. One-third said headcount increased in their team and 59% said that business growth or expansion was the reason for this.

“Expansion, career development and salary rises have returned to the fore of peoples’ minds after a few years of relative stability and consolidation,” Way added.