Strategy & Operations » Leadership & Management » Off Balance: FRC loves Mark ‘Amour’ Armour. Fact

THE BEAUTY of publishing online is that you don’t have to check your copy as thoroughly – you can always edit at your leisure…which means wait until someone spots Off Balance’s mistake(s).

So when a typo was flagged up in the Financial Reporting Council’s latest annual report by some lovely people in the Twittersphere, OB had to investigate.

It appears that former Reed Elsevier CFO Mark Armour, who sits on the FRC’s board, had his name misspelled. OB is now left to wonder whether the missing ‘r’ from Mark Armour’s name, leaving him with a lounge singer-esque moniker ‘Mark Amour’, was actually a Freudian slip made by a besotted FRC staffer.

In fact, OB is not going to dwell on that thought for too long. And anyway, the fun has been spoiled now that the typo has been corrected. But OB will never forget Mark Amour…