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WITH THE INTRODUCTION of the Bribery Act, the MPs expenses scandal, the introduction of the Senior Accounting Officer measure in the Finance Act and HMRC’s focus around tax compliance, expense management has gained importance as directors must have an expense process that ensures compliance with company policy and more importantly, satisfies the authorities.

This web seminar will explain how finance directors can gain control and visibility into their travel and entertainment spend so they can report accurately, both internally and externally to HMRC. Although much emphasis is placed on statutory compliance, as it is perceived to be a higher risk, it is inherently linked to internal policy compliance and therefore, both need to be aligned within the business.

Knowing what taxes need to be applied to or reclaimed on a business expense can get confusing. HMRC has some complex rules to follow and if a company doesn’t have a clear travel and expense policy for its employees, it can make the situation even more difficult.

Our panel of experts will outline what tax and VAT need to be applied or reclaimed on a business expense and provide advice on how to develop a travel and expenses policy that complies with HMRC guidelines, delivers visibility into entertainment spend and is aligned with your businesses’ strategic aims.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • Gain control and visibility of travel and entertainment spend
  • Meet statutory compliance when managing and reporting expense spend
  • HMRC travel and expense process audit checklist
  • Develop an internal policy for claiming expenses
  • How and when to reclaim VAT from expenses
  • How the Senior Accounting Officer affects companies with complex travel and expense policies

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