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IT PAINS Off Balance to invoke Captain Obvious, our award for the most trite and self-serving of press releases. But then, we get so many of them that we can’t help ourselves.

Anyway, the October Captain Obvious Award goes to our friends at Huthwaite International. The sale and negotiating business’ latest survey finds that 36% of business people didn’t have traditional negotiation roles, but were actually involved in complex discussions.

So negotiation training business runs a survey that flags up that lots of people do negotiations. Hmm…

“To meet with increasing demand for negotiation courses that cater for the needs of all employees, not just those in sales or negotiation roles, Huthwaite International has enhanced its all-round negotiation suite by releasing its VBA Negotiation Skills course,” Huthwaite helpfully adds.

OK, guys, we get the message. Have a Captain Obvious Award – you’ve deserved it. And no arguments.

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