More News » 14 offices to close in significant HMRC cuts

SWINGEING CUTS have this week been announced by HM Revenue & Customs as it confirmed the closure of 14 offices by December 2015, while 690 administrative staff have been invited to take voluntary redundancy.

Additionally, some 46 staff on the administrative assistant pay grade in Cumbernauld and Shipley have also been invited to take voluntary exits, while the 453 staff affected by the 14 office closures will be redeployed across the civil service.

HMRC cited the automation and digitisation of many processes and the need to meet commitments to become “more highly-skilled and to operate from fewer locations” made in its spending review.

Staff at Stockport’s Wellesley House currently face an uncertain future as HMRC has to vacate the premises by the end of March 2015, and while HMRC is seeking to redeploy them, it has invited all 107 to take up voluntary redundancy.

A spokesman for HMRC said: “The announcements are absolutely no reflection on the contribution and commitment of the people who are affected, but are a result of our need to become more efficient and to live within our financial constraints.

“We have put a package of support and career guidance in place for affected staff, who were given the news by managers in face-to-face meetings. We remain committed to avoiding compulsory redundancies wherever possible, but as the scope for redeployment reduces, it will become increasingly difficult to avoid this.”