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WHILE SOME finance chiefs might like to claim that they can turn water into wine, others will state that such alchemy and, dare we say, ‘creativity’ are best avoided around the sacred Excel spreadsheets.

That one former FD used his experience and technical excellence to turn water into wine is great, though. Well, he made some gin at a profit, anyway.

Stephen Marsh, then an FD at a creative agency, had to stop drinking wine and beer due to yeast intolerance. Obviously, this set Stephen’s brain into overdrive about mitigating this situation.

He created a raspberry gin he could imbibe, and that proved so popular with friends that they persuaded him to take the commercial venture path, reports the Cambridge News.

And so popular was this gin with the public that he left his job in June to go full-time into running his business. With OB acutely aware of finance chiefs’ love of a tipple, we’re amazed it hasn’t been done more often.