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OFF BALANCE has taken a month-long hiatus from handing out a Captain Obvious Award to the most inane or, erm, obvious press release that we’d been unfortunate enough to receive.

Thankfully, our friends at Randstad Technologies have helped us back on the Captain Obvious train heading to a place of bad stats.

Amazingly, workers in IT chose ‘IT’ as the most fulfilling industry to work in. Most other people chose health or care. Hmm … what kind of people work in IT? Those who like to memorise server locations? Run diagnostics on your Windows NT-addled laptop? Play Quake during lunch?

They can’t do anything else. They don’t want to do anything else. Telling us that IT people are a bit geeky and have different views to the rest of the population is worthy of the Captain Obvious Award.

Well done, Randstad Technologies.