More News » Massive Sony Pictures hack captures senior Deloitte staff salary details

SALARY DETAILS of more than 30,000 Deloitte US staff have been leaked and published following the massive Sony Pictures hack which allegedly emanated from crackpot dictator state North Korea, angered over a comedy film about an attempt to assassinate its leader Kim Jong Un.

The list details the Big Four firm’s US senior executive pay scales from 2005. Among them are a tax director from Washington DC on $450,000 (£287,000), while an LA-based risk director was pulling in $460,000. Many other top flight execs across the US were trousering in excess of £400,000, according to reports.

Sony Pictures fell victim to the massive attack which crippled and shut down its systems releasing an enormous 11 terabytes of data.

The Deloitte data was apparently kept on the computer of a Sony HR staffer who used to work at Deloitte, who allegedly had some of the accountancy firm’s files saved on the computer, according to the Fusion website.

In a statement to the news site, Deloitte said: “We have seen coverage regarding what is alleged to be 9-year-old Deloitte data from a non-Deloitte system. We have not confirmed the veracity of this information at this time. Deloitte has long been recognized as a leader in its commitment to pay equality and all forms of inclusion.”