Strategy & Operations » Leadership & Management » Employers spend too much time on DB schemes, says Calor Gas FD

COMPANIES spend too much time on defined benefit (DB) schemes compared to defined contribution (DC) schemes according to Calor Gas finance director Adam Thompson.

Speaking at a Barnett Waddingham roundtable, Thompson drew attention to the discrepancy, Professional Pensions reports.

He said: “DB gets so much more focus than DC. Now I do care about the 230 active staff in the DB scheme but I have got another 1000 or so who are in the DC scheme.

“They get such a small part of my time versus the DB scheme because of this statutory requirement to do a triennial valuation every three year. All that stuff which goes with that is the reality,” he said.

He added: “I was a dinner not that long ago and some finance director quoted that 40-50% of his time was spent purely on pensions and almost all of that was on a DB scheme.”