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SOME WOULD SAY that it’s easy to take digs at businesses that work in the personal finance sphere … and Off Balance agrees. So when OB is looking to dish out a Captain Obvious Award to the most inane – or just plain silly – press release to wing its way into our email inbox, Experian made OB’s life easy this month.

“IOU Ostriches”, screams the press release. Seven out of ten Britons believe they have a good credit rating, but only two-thirds have checked, Experian wails. Failing to manage their rating will be a hindrance to those looking to move, considering that easy money doesn’t [shouldn’t? Ed] exist anymore. Perhaps they should join Experian to find out their credit rating, hmm?

As Experian has created a silly term for these people (IOU Ostriches, in case you’d forgotten) and the research states the bleedin’ obvious, the credit-checker deservedly picks up our Captain Obvious Award. Congrats.

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