More News » Starting and ending your career at EY most lucrative path

IT APPEARS that starting and ending your career at EY is going to help you make the most money in the Big Four, according to research by Emolument.

Its analysis of more than 500 jobs in consulting and audit found that EY pays the most, on average, for staff with up to five years’ experience (£37,000) and the most to those that have served for more than 15 years (£135,000).

Thomas Drewry, CEO at Emolument said that while starting salaries are closely aligned among the Big Four, “few will realise that not only do these careers open very varied career paths and opportunities, with a large pay gap further down the line”.

Consultancy remuneration also stretches ahead of audit pay as careers progress, with senior roles being paid £150,000 while auditors fail to reach £110,000 (£108,000).