More News » Gauke confirms Office of Tax Simplification expansion

THE CONSERVATIVES are to make good on their pledge to expand and provide greater resources to the Office of Tax Simplification, financial secretary to the Treasury David Gauke has confirmed.

The Tories pledged to do so prior to the election, including the move in their manifesto.

The body, led by former CIoT tax policy director John Whiting was brought in following the 2010 general election and tasked with stripping out poor and unnecessary areas of the tax code and advising on policy.

Despite having just six members of staff – some of whom are part-time – its work has been well-received and the Conservatives have committed to retaining and bolstering the organ in the next parliament.

Speaking at the Britain, Europe and Tax Competition conference, organised by the European Tax Policy Forum and Institute for Fiscal Studies, Gauke (pictured) confirmed extra resources would be afforded to the body.

“We will continue to make the tax system simpler. We will be expanding the role and capacity of the Office for Tax Simplification, and we will be reforming the way businesses pay their tax,” he said.

“We might not be able to make people enjoy paying tax – but at least we can make it simpler. We have five more years in which to continue the job. The potential benefits are enormous – and they stand to benefit everybody in this country.”