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Financial Director profile: David Hunt, CFO Asta Managing Agency

1. Rise early or work late?
Thanks to my Gloucestershire commute it’s a 5am alarm call to be at my desk for 8am. Late working is inevitable during reporting season but my preference is for the mornings.

2. Training preferences: on the job or formal?
I prefer on the job, I find the best way to understand something new is to do it yourself. That said, I try to find time for two or three courses a year to keep my wider skills up to date and to introduce ideas I wouldn’t come across otherwise.

3. What’s your management style?
I like to think I have an open and approachable style. The team here at Asta is smaller than I’ve managed before so I find I have more time to lend an ear, or have it bent!

4. Does delegation come easy?
I am becoming better at delegation, but as an accountant by trade I’ll always have an eye for detail. I’m certainly more hands-on when faced with a tricky client situation to deal with. They expect, and seem to appreciate, my involvement at these times.

5. Who do you rely on most?
I am fortunate to work with great colleagues at board level and a very committed yet fun-loving finance team, but I rely most on my wife to remind me it’s only work and there are a lot more important things in life so keep the balance right.

6. Boardroom or restaurant?
I hate to ruin a good lunch by talking business, so boardroom then restaurant.

7. What technology would you never be without?
I have a blackberry and an iPad, but I could never be without a pen and paper. Old habits die hard.

8. Are you an FD for life?
Its sounds rather final, but yes. Hard facts, structures and number-crunching are a lot more natural to me than being the front man.

9. What keeps you awake at night?
Nothing except a good book. I’ve never had a problem sleeping.

10. Critical advice to aspiring FDs?
Most accountants can add up. Dealing with numbers is the simple part of the role. It’s being able to deal with people and to see the future opportunities that counts. That’s what will define your career.