Strategy & Operations » Leadership & Management » Financial controllers see highest salary rise in finance and accounting

PROFESSIONALS looking for the strongest salary rises in 2016 should focus on finance and accounting, according to the Robert Half 2016 Salary Guide.

While overall salaries are predicted to rise by an average of 3% across the board in 2016, roles in finance and accounting expecting to outshine the average, with rises of 3.5% and above.

Financial controllers have attracted the highest salary increase of 3.9%, with average salaries increasing to £104,500 from £76,500. Senor finance managers received increases of 3.7% to £64,750, while salaries for qualified management accountants improved by 3.5% to £59,750.

Salaries for regulatory accountants, responsible for completing financial reports to regulatory bodies, improved 3.5% to £78,500.