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FINANCE MANAGERS have the second best job in the UK.

That’s according to the latest Glassdoor Jobs Report which claims the top three roles for 2016 are business development manager, closely followed by finance manager and then operations manager.

Based on a triptych of signifiers, namely the number of job openings, career opportunities and an average base salary of £55,000, the report shows that while finance manager roles are in the ascendancy, the fate of lawyers, mechanical and civil engineers fare less well and all drop out of the top 25 this year.

Diarmuid Russell, Glassdoor’s head of international said: “The UK jobs market is in a buoyant mood with record numbers of people in employment and a good ratio of available roles per job-seeker.

“These results demonstrate that popular jobs in business development, recruitment and HR mean UK businesses are placing greater importance on growing numbers, building teams and of course generating the highest net-profit possible.”